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Dennis G. Whyte

Dennis G. Whyte

Director, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Assistant: Natalie McKenna


Ph.D. U. Quebec 1993
M.Sc. U. Quebec 1989
B. Eng. U. Saskatchewan 1986


Magnetic Fusion Energy: Boundary plasma physics, advanced plasma confinement regimes in tokamaks, plasma diagnostics, mitigation of disruption damages

Plasma-Surface Interactions: basic physics of plasma-material interfaces, dynamic measurement techniques for material evolution under plasma bombardment, implications of plasma-surface interactions in magnetic fusion reactors

Accelerators and Surface Analysis: low-energy nuclear scattering techniques for material analysis and damage, development of in-situ surface diagnostic methods for magnetic fusion

Recent Publications

  1. D. G. Whyte, A. E. Hubbard, J. W. Hughes, B. Lipschultz, J. E. Rice, E. S. Marmar, M. Greenwald, I. Cziegler, A. Dominguez, T. Golfinopoulos, N. Howard, L. Lin, R. M. McDermott, M. Porkolab, M. L. Reinke, J. Terry, N. Tsujii, S. Wolfe, S. Wukitch and Y. Lin, "I-mode: an H-mode Energy Confinement Regime with L-mode Particle Transport in Alcator C-mod," Nuclear Fusion 50, 105005, 2010.
  2. Z. S. Hartwig and D. G. Whyte, "Simulated plasma facing component measurements for an in situ surface diagnostic on Alcator C-Mod," Review of Scientific Instruments 81, 10E106, 2010.
  3. D.G. Whyte “On the consequences of neutron induced damage for volumetric fuel retention in plasma facing materials,” Journal of Nuclear Materials, 390-391, 911-915, June 2009.
  4. D.G. Whyte, et al. “Studies of requirements for ITER disruption mitigation systems,” Proc. 22nd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, October 2008, IT/P6-18 1-4.
  5. D. G. Whyte, R. Granetz, M. Bakhtiari, V. Izzo, T. Jernigan, J. Terry, M. Reinke & B. Lipschultz "Disruption mitigation on Alcator C-Mod using high-pressure gas injection: Experiments and modeling toward ITER." Journal of Nuclear Materials, 363-365, 1160-7, June 2007.


22.62 Fusion energy
22.63 Fusion Technology
22.01 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering and Ionizing Radiation


  • Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Distinguished Teaching
  • Fellow, American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics
  • Department of Energy Plasma Physics Junior Faculty Award

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