Part 1: Lecture Notes and Exercises


Section 1: Motivation and Evidence                                                           Slides             Handout         Exercises

Section 2: A Simple Framework for Monetary Policy Analysis              Slides                                     Exercises

Section 3: Flexible Prices                                                                             Slides 1          Slides 2          Exercises

Section 4: A Baseline Sticky Price Model                                                  Slides 1          Slides 2          Exercises

Section 5: Monetary Policy Design in the Baseline Model                     Slides                                     Exercises

Section 6: Extensions of the Baseline Model and their Implications     Slides 1          Handout         Exercises

      for Monetary Policy                                                                    Slides 2          Slides 3

Section 7: Monetary Policy in the Open Economy                                    Slides                                     Exercises for Sections 6-7         Solutions

Section 8: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions


Last updated: Saturday, October 29, 2005