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Double Your Options and Still Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Occasional Parking Permit

If you bike or take public transportation to work, but need to drive to campus a few times a month, the Occasional Parking Permit may be a good option for you. This annual permit allows an employee to park at MIT for a daily rate of $8.50. The fee is for a full business day, which means you can exit and reenter in the same day at no extra charge.

These permits also allow unlimited after-hours, weekend and holiday parking in any parking facility on campus (excluding residential parking areas).

Economy Occasional Parking

Economy Occasional parking is a discounted parking program offered to employees who elect to park in the West lot. To learn more about the Economy Parking options, visit the Economy Parking page.

Evening Parking Permit

An employee who does not come to work until 2:30 PM may apply for an Evening Parking Permit. The cost for the permit is $89. There is no daily fee for someone who parks after 2:30 PM and leaves before 8:30 AM. This permit is ideal for evening and night shift employees.

Payment Options

Payroll deduction: MIT employees may elect to have the annual Occasional and Evening Parking permit fee of $89 and any daily charges* deducted from their payroll check. To apply for an Occasional or Evening Parking permit through payroll deduction, visit the How to Apply page.

Prepaid: Affiliates, alumni, DAPER members (who cannot have the charges deducted from payroll) and participants of the bicycle commuter benefit must visit the Parking and Transportation Office to apply. Along with the paper application, applicants must submit a check or credit card number for $189 (the $89 permit fee plus a $100 refundable deposit that will be used towards daily charges*).

Periodic bills or statements are sent to parkers who do not have payroll deduction. An occasional or evening parker who leaves the Institute or who decides to terminate parking must notify the Parking and Transportation Office. The Parking and Transportation Office will calculate payment due or will refund a positive balance. Occasional or Evening Parking balances are carried over from year to year as long as the parker continues to elect the Occasional or Evening Parking program.

Occasional or Evening Parking permits do not count against a department's allocation.

*The daily parking rate with an Occasional Parking Permit is $8.50 for each business day that a person parks on campus. A business day is Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

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 Parking Rates for 2015-2016 (pdf)


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Parking & Transportation Office

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM
Building: W20-022
Fax: 617-258-6357

parking services

Tel: 617-258-6510

t-pass services

Tel: 617-253-9701

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Larry Brutti
Operations Manager

Robynn Cruz-Walker
Commuter Program Administrator

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