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Cameron McCord ’13

Cameron McCord ’13

Q :: What motivated you to apply to participate in the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program?

A :: I have always tried to make leadership experience a focus of my MIT education and GEL was the perfect program for that. I am currently the Battalion Commander of Navy ROTC here at MIT and I am lucky to have experience leading and working in military organizations. I joined GEL to try and get additional experience leading more diverse groups of individuals with different backgrounds and skill sets. GEL combines undergraduates from all different majors and forces them to work together to develop products and accomplish goals every single week! It has provided and continues to provide the perfect compliment to an engineering education and military leadership experience.

Q :: What have you learnt by participating in the program about engineering leadership? Why do you feel this is important for Course 22 students?

A :: I have learned a tremendous amount about working with diverse groups of people and coming together in a team during difficult situations to produce products and meet goals. GEL has allowed me to work on invaluable public speaking and negotiation skills as well as practice communicating with members of industry.

GEL is extremely important for anyone with aspirations in the nuclear sector. Nuclear engineering and nuclear energy production will always be closely linked with policy. They come hand in hand. If you aspire to be a nuclear scientist or engineer and you don’t make a concerted effort to both understand the policy as well as how to communicate, work in teams, and lead people, I think you are doing yourself a diservice. The world we live in today needs our help, our nuclear knowledge, and our leadership!

Q :: How will you apply these skills with your degree in Course 22?

A :: I plan to take the leadership tools I have learned in GEL and apply it in conjunction with my degree in Course 22 first as a nuclear submarine officer in the Navy and later as an expert in international nuclear policy and security. I want to be a leader in developing revolutionary new nuclear polices that promote safety, encourage international cooperation, and improve nuclear economics.

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