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Ashley Finan G

“The breadth and depth of options is ideal for undergraduates still considering what their futures might bring.”

Ashley Finan G

I declared Course 22 because I wanted to solve global warming; and I wanted to cure breast cancer and rheumatoid arthritis; and I wanted to work on fusion energy, and secure our ports against explosive threats, and end nuclear proliferation!

Course 22 offers a unique flexibility to undergraduates, which plays an important role in nurturing an individual's vision for his or her career. As freshmen, many students don't know quite how their passion for science and the useful arts can best be put to use. I certainly counted myself among that group! Choosing Course 22 enabled me to begin establishing roots in a great community and an academic field, but left plenty of room for my vision to evolve as I learned about medical applications, fusion research, groundbreaking work in security and detection, quantum computing, energy and non-proliferation policy, and many other topics. The breadth and depth of options is ideal for undergraduates still considering what their futures might bring.

Now that I have anchored myself in energy policy and fission energy, one great aspect of being in Course 22 has been seeing the world's perception and treatment of nuclear energy advance as I have advanced in my studies, and being able to participate in that through my academic work and through summer internships and employment. Speaking of employment ... I feel very fortunate to be confident in my job prospects. Even in the current economic climate, I have found that there is a wealth of varied opportunities available. I am still very happy with my decision to declare Course 22, and continue to find the department small enough to be comfortable, but large enough to be exciting.

Ashley Finan

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