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Ekaterina Paramonova ’13

“The connections you make now as a student will last you a lifetime.”

Ekaterina Paramonova ’13

The Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering has one of the most vibrant cultures on campus and I have never regretted for a single moment declaring Course 22. The small class sizes allow more faculty-to-student interaction so that you are not just one-out-of-a-couple-hundred students, but someone that the professor knows well and can give personalized feedback to. Not to mention, we have our own reactor on Mass Ave and world-renowned faculty with exceptional teaching experience.

MIT also just became directly involved in the new nation-wide Nuclear Hub Program to improve nuclear technology. There will be various truly cutting edge research opportunities available, in addition to the ones now. You will be like a six-year-old gazing awestruck at the shelves of candy at a sweets shop, choosing from topics like nano-particle material development, advanced reactor fuel modeling, or if you're feeling courageous, fusion and plasma physics.

With a nuclear renaissance underway around the world and a nuclear engineering degree under your belt, you are guaranteed a sound job in the future. You also get automatic membership to the close and sophisticated global NucE community. It is not hard to find internships at well-known institutions like the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or one of the National Labs. The connections you make now as a student will last you a lifetime.

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