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2018 NSE Research Expo

March 16, 2018 from 11:00am to 1:15pm
Koch Institute 500 Main Street

Expo poster

On March 16, the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering will host its annual Graduate Research Expo. The event features research posters presented by current doctoral and masters students as well as signature oral presentations given by four students. Each year this event provides a unique opportunity for the MIT community to learn more about the diverse research being conducted within NSE by faculty and graduate students.

11:00 AM poster session
11:00 AM Poster Session
12:15 PM Signature Presentations
1:15 PM Best Poster Announcement/Prize
Moderated by Professor Yildiz

Signature Presentations

  • Yang Yang In-situ observation of corrosion and radiation damage
  • Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez Integrated simulations answer 20-year-old question in fusion research
  • Guanyu Su How to approach a ‘stranger’: the story of nucleate boiling in annual flow
  • T.D. MacDonald Hide and Seek: Remote Sensing Technologies and Nuclear Stability


March 2018

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