An International Workshop on the Application of Passive Acoustics in Fisheries
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Workshop Proceedings
1)These documents are working drafts subject to revision.
2)New papers are still being addded
3)*Speaker for co-authored papers

Short Papers
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Session 1: Passive listening for fishes-what has been done

  Mark Collins*, Bridget Callahan, Bill Post, and Amanda Avildsen
Locating sciaenid spawning aggregations in anticipation of harbor modifications, and reactions of spotted sea trout spawners to acoustic disturbance

Martin A. Connaughton*, Michael L. Lunn, Michael L. Fine, & Malcolm H. Tayor
Characterization of sounds and their use in two sciaenid species: weakfish and Atlantic croaker

Scott Allen and David A. Demer*
Detection and characterization of yellowfin and bluefin tuna using passive acoustical techniques

Michael L. Fine* and Robert F. Thorson
Acoustic Competition in the Gulf Toadfish Opsanus beta: Crepuscular Changes and Acoustic Tagging

Susan B. Fudge* and George A. Rose
Passive Acoustic Field Research on Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua L. in Canada

R. Grant Gilmore, Jr.
Passive Acoustic Transects: Mating Calls and Spawning Ecology in East Florida Sciaenids

Tony Hawkins
The Use of Passive Acoustics to Identify a Haddock Spawning Area

Scott A Holt
Using a Towed Array to Survey Red Drum Spawning Sites in the Gulf of Mexico

Phillip S. Lobel
Fish Courtship and Mating Sounds

Joseph J Luczkovich* and Mark W Sprague
Using Passive Acoustics to Monitor Spawning of Fishes in the Drum Family (Sciaenidae)

Jarle Tryti Nordeide* and Jens Loss Finstad
Is Acoustic Calls a Premating Reproductive Barrier Between Two North-East Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) Groups -A Review

Bill Roumillat* and Myra Brouwer
Applications of underwater acoustics data in fisheries management for spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, in estuaries of South Carolina

Rodney Rountree*, Francis Juanes, and Joseph E. Blue
Soniferous Fishes of Massachusetts

Sherrylynn Rowe* and Jeffrey A. Hutchings
The mating behaviour of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Session 2: Future developments and applications


Donald Baltz
Spotted Seatrout Spawning Requirements and Essential Fish Habitat: A Microhabitat Approach Using Hydrophones.

Jack W. Bradbury and Carol A. Bloomgarden*
Creating a Web-based Library of Underwater Biological Sounds

Charles A. Barans, David Schmid, Myra C. Brouwer*
Potential for coupling of underwater TV monitoring with passive acoustics

Susan Jarvis* and David Moretti
Passive Detection and Localization of Transient Signals from Marine Mammals using Widely Spaced Bottom Mounted Hydrophones in Open Ocean Environments

Session 3: Acoustic technology

  Rodney Rountree, Francis Juanes, and Joseph E. Blue*
Potential for the use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) as a platform for passive acoustics

Christopher W. Clark
Application of Passive Acoustic Methods for Detection, Location and Tracking of Whales

Stephen E. Forsythe
Multihydrophone localization of low frequency broadband sources

Phillip S. Lobel
Synchronized underwater audio-video recording

David A. Mann
New technologies for passive acoustic detection of fish sound production

Ingvald Svellingen, Bjørn Totland and Jan Tore Øvredal*
A remote-controlled instrument platform for fish behaviour studies and sound monitoring

Mark W. Sprague* and Joseph J. Luczkovich
Quantifying Species-Specific Contributions to the Overall Sound Level

Mark Wood
Classifying Fish Sounds Using Wavelets


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