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1978 Publications

Burns, M., Pappas, P., Feld, M. S., Murnick, D. E. "Laser-Induced Nuclear Orientation - Intersection of Laser and Nuclear Spectroscopy." Hyperfine Interactions 4, 50-60 (1978).

Ducloy, M., Leite, J. R. R., Feld, M. S. "Laser Saturation Spectroscopy in Time-Delayed Mode - Theory of Optical Free Induction Decay in Coupled Doppler-Broadened Systems." Physical Review A 17, 623-644 (1978).

Feld, M. S. "Boycott Perspective." Laser Focus with Fiberoptic Technology 14, 6-& (1978).

Fulghum, S. F., Herman, I. P., Feld, M. S., Javan, A. "Xef Ground-State Dynamics in a Laser Discharge." Applied Physics Letters 33, 926-928 (1978).