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1984 Publications

Ghosh, A. P., Nabors, C. D., Attili, M. A., Thomas, J. E., Feld, M. S. "Laser Polarization Transients to Study Nonclassical Features of Magnetic Quantum-State Scattering in Yb-174." Physical Review Letters 53, 1333-1335 (1984).

Shimkaveg, G., Quivers, W. W., Dasari, R. R., Holbrow, C. H., Pappas, P. G., Attili, M. A., Thomas, J. E., Murnick, D. E., Feld, M. S. "Laser-Induced Nuclear Orientation of 1-Mu-S Rb-85m." Physical Review Letters 53, 2230-2233 (1984).