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1975 Publications

Feldman, B. J., Feld, M. S. "Equal Area Property of Narrow Resonances Induced in Coupled Doppler-Broadened Systems by Intense Laser Radiation." Physical Review A 12, 1013-1018 (1975).

Guerra, M. A., Ketabi, M., Sanchez, A., Feld, M. S., Javan, A. "Water-Vapor Spectroscopy at 5 Mu- Using a Tunable Sfr Laser." Journal of Chemical Physics 63, 1317-1319 (1975).

Keilmann, F., Sheffield, R. L., Leite, J. R. R., Feld, M. S., Javan, A. "Optical-Pumping and Tunable Laser Spectroscopy of Nu2 Band of D2o." Applied Physics Letters 26, 19-22 (1975).

Leonardi, C., Macgillivray, J. C., Liberman, S., Feld, M. S. "Possibility of Spin-Phonon Superradiance in Paramagnetic Systems." Physical Review B 11, 3298-3301 (1975).