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2009 Publications

“Anatomy-based algorithms for detecting oral cancer using reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy”, McGee S, Mardirossian V, Elackattu A, Mirkovic J, Pistey R, Gallagher G, Kabani S, Yu CC, Wang Z, Badizadegan K, Grillone G, Feld MS. Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology 118, 817-26 (2009).

“Assessing light scattering of intracellular organelles in single intact living cells”, M. Kalashnikov, W. Choi, C. Yu, Y. Sung, R. Dasari, K. Badizadegan, and M. Feld. Optics Express 17, 19674-19681 (2009). (pdf available)

“Diagnosing breast cancer using Raman spectroscopy: prospective analysis”, A. Haka, Z. Volynskaya, J. Gardecki, J. Nazemi, R. Shenk, N. Wang, R. Dasari, M. Fitzmaurice, and M. Feld. Journal of Biomedical Optics 14, 054023 (2009). (pdf available)

“Effect of anotomy on spectroscopic detection of cervical dysplasia ”, Mirkovic J, Lau C, McGee S, Yu CC, Nazemi J, Galindo L, Feng V, Darragh T, de Las Morenas A, Crum C, Stier E, Feld M, Badizadegan K. Journal of Biomedical Optics 14, 044021 (2009). (pdf available)

“Effects of coupled bichromatic atom-cavity interaction in the cavity-QED microlaser”, H-G Hong, W Seo, M Lee, Y Song, W Choi, C Fang-Yen, RR Dasari, MS Feld, J-H Lee, K An. Physical Review A 79, 033816 (2009). (pdf available)

“Improved phase sensitivity in spectral domain phase microscopy using line-field illumination and self phase-referencing”, Z. Yaqoob, W. Choi, S. Oh, N. Lue, Y. Park, C. Fang-Yen, R. Dasari, K. Badizadegan, and M. Feld. Optics Express 17, 10681-10687 (2009). (pdf available)

“Live Cell Refractometry Using Hilbert Phase Microscopy and Confocal Reflectance Microscopy”, N. Lue, W. Choi, G. Popescu, Z. Yaqoob, K. Badizadegan, R. Dasari, and M. Feld. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113, 13327-13330 (2009). (pdf available)

“A multimodal spectroscopy system for real-time disease diagnosis”, O. Scepanovic, Z. Volynskaya, C. Kong, L. Galindo, R. Dasari, and M. Feld. Review of Scientific Instruments 80, 043103 (2009). (pdf available)

“Optical diffraction tomography for high resolution live cell imaging”, Y. Sung, W. Choi, C. Fang-Yen, K. Badizadegan, R. Dasari, and M. Feld. Optics Express 17, 266-277 (2009). (pdf available)

“Quantitative Biological Raman Spectroscopy”, Shih, W-C, Bechtel, K and Feld, MS, in Handbook of Optical Sensing of Glucose in Biological Fluids and Tissues. Eds. Valery V. Tuchin. (Taylor and Francis, 2009).

“Re-evaluation of model-based LSS for tissue spectroscopy”, Lau, C, Scepanovic, O, Mirkovic, J, McGee, S, Yu, C-C, Fulghum, S, Wallace, M, Tunnell, J, Bechtel, K and Feld, MS. Journal of Biomedical Optics 14, 024031 (2009). (pdf available)

“Speckle-field digital holographic microscopy”, Y.-K. Park, W. Choi, Z. Yaqoob, R. Dasari, K. Badizadegan, and M. Feld. Optics Express 17, 12285-12292 (2009). (pdf available)

“Spectroscopic phase microscopy for quantifying hemoglobin concentrations in intact red blood cells”, Y.-K. Park, T. Yamauchi, W. Choi, R. Dasari, and M. Feld. Opt. Lett 34, 3668-3670 (2009). (pdf available)

“Thickness–radius relationship and spring constants of cholesterol helical ribbons”, B. Khaykovich, N. Kozlova, W. Choi, A. Lomakin, C. Hossain, Y. Sung, R. Dasari, M. Feld, and G. Benedek. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106, 15663 (2009). (pdf available)

“Turbidity-Corrected Raman Spectroscopy for Blood Analyte Detection”, I. Barman, G. Singh, R. Dasari, and M. Feld. Anal. Chem 81, 4233-4240 (2009). (pdf available)

“Ultraviolet refractometry using field-based light scattering spectroscopy”, D. Fu, W. Choi, Y. Sung, S. Oh, Z. Yaqoob, Y. Park, R. Dasari, and M. Feld. Optics Express 17, 18878-18886 (2009). (pdf available)