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2007 Publications

“Coherence properties of red blood cell membrane motions”, Popescu, G, Park, YK, Dasari, RR, Badizadegan, K, and Feld, MS. Phys. Rev. E. 76, 031902-1-5 (2007). (pdf available)

“Constrained Regularization: Hybrid Method for Multivariate Calibration”, Shih, W-C, Bechtel, K, and Feld, MS. Journal Analytical Chemistry 79 (1), 234-239 (2007). (pdf available)

“Determination of uncertainty in parameters extracted from single spectroscopic measurements”, Scepanovic, OR, Bechtel, KL, Haka, AS, Shih, W-C, Koo, T-W, Berger, AJ, and Feld, MS. Journal of Biomedical Optics 12 (6), 064012 (2007). (pdf available)

“Fresnel particle tracing in three dimensions using diffraction phase microscopy”, Park, YK, Popescu, G, Badizadegan, K, Dasari, RR,  and Feld, MS.  Optics Letters 32 (7), 811-813 (2007). (pdf available)

“Imaging voltage-dependent cell motions with heterodyne Mach-Zehnder phase microscopy”, Fang-Yen, C, Oh, S, Park, YK, Choi, W, Song, S, Seung, HS, Dasari, RR,  and Feld, MS. Optics Letters 32 (11), 1572-1574 (2007). (pdf available)

“Intrinsic Optical Signals in Neural Tissues: Measurements, Mechanisms, and Applications”, Fang-Yen, C, and Feld, MS, in New Approaches in Biomedical Spectroscopy. Eds. Kneipp, K, Aroca, R, Kneipp, H, and Wentrup-Byrne, E. (Oxford University Press) 219-235 (2007).

“Microrheology of red blood cell membranes using dynamic scattering microscopy”, Amin, MS, Park, YK, Lue, N, Dasari, RR, Badizadegan, K, Feld, MS and Popescu, G. Optics Express 15 (25), 17001-17009 (2007). (pdf available)

“Non-invasive Glucose Sensing with Raman Spectroscopy”, Shih, W-C, Bechtel, K and Feld, MS, in Analytical Chemistry of In Vivo Glucose Measurements. Eds. Stenken, J, and Cunningham, D. (Wiley Chemical Analysis series). (pdf available)

“Phase-referenced probe interferometer for biological surface profiling and displacement measurements”, Fang-Yen, C, Chu, MC, Seung, HS, Dasari, RR, and Feld, MS. Review of Scientific Instruments. 78 (12), 123703 (2007). (pdf available)

“Quantitative phase imaging of live cells using fast Fourier phase microscopy”, Lue, N, Choi, W, Popescu, G, Ikeda, T, Dasari, RR, Badizadegan, K, and Feld, MS.  Applied Optics 46 (10), 1836-1842 (2007). (pdf available)

“Tissue refractometry using Hilbert phase microscopy”, Lue, N, Bewersdorf, J, Lessard, MD, Badizadegan, K, Dasari, RR, Feld, MS, and Popescu, G. Optics Letters, 32 (24), 3522-3524 (2007). (pdf available)

“Tomographic phase microscopy”, Choi, W, Fang-Yen, C, Badizadegan, K, Oh, S, Lue, N, Dasari, RR, and Feld, MS.  Nature Methods 4 (9), 717-719 (2007). (pdf available)

“Tomographic Phase Microscopy—Quantitative 3D Imaging of Living Cells”, Choi, W, Fang-Yen, C, Oh, S, Lue, N, Badizadegan, K, Dasari, RR and Feld, MS.  BIOforum Europe, 11 (10), 24-25 (2007). (pdf available)