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1985 Publications

Heinzen, D. J., Thomas, J. E., Feld, M. S. "Coherent Ringing in Superfluorescence." Physical Review Letters 54, 677-680 (1985).

Kittrell, C., Willett, R. L., Delossantospacheo, C., Ratliff, N. B., Kramer, J. R., Malk, E. G., Feld, M. S. "Diagnosis of Fibrous Arterial Atherosclerosis Using Fluorescence." Applied Optics 24, 2280-2281 (1985).

Liang, J. M., Spinelli, L. A., Quinn, R. W., Dasari, R. R., Feld, M. S., Thomas, J. E. "Fluctuation Spectroscopy by Tunable Energy Compensation - Application to Radiator Reorientation Kernels." Physical Review Letters 55, 2684-2687 (1985).