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1992 Publications

Baraga, J. J., Feld, M. S., Rava, R. P. "Rapid near-Infrared Raman-Spectroscopy of Human Tissue with a Spectrograph and Ccd Detector." Applied Spectroscopy 46, 187-190 (1992).

Baraga, J. J., Feld, M. S., Rava, R. P. "Insitu Optical Histochemistry of Human Artery Using near- Infrared Fourier-Transform Raman-Spectroscopy." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 89, 3473-3477 (1992).

Domanski, M. J., Abella, G., Baim, D., Bristow, J. D., Charrow, R., Detre, K., Feld, M., Fisher, L., Forrester, J., Goldberg, S., Grundfest, W. S., Hollohan, T., Horan, M. J., Johnson, G. C., Kent, K. M., King, S. B., Sanborn, J. A., Simpson, J., Topol, E., Watson, J. T. "Evaluation of Emerging Technologies for Coronary Revascularization." Circulation 85, 357-361 (1992).

Holbrow, C. H., Murnick, D., Dasari, R. R., Feld, M. S. "Studies of Weak Interaction Effects by Laser Spectroscopy of Short-Lived Atoms." Hyperfine Interactions 74, 119-132 (1992).

Manoharan, R., Baraga, J. J., Feld, M. S., Rava, R. P. "Quantitative Histochemical Analysis of Human Artery Using Raman-Spectroscopy." Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B-Biology 16, 211-233 (1992).

Verbunt, R., Fitzmaurice, M. A., Kramer, J. R., Ratliff, N. B., Kittrell, C., Taroni, P., Cothren, R. M., Baraga, J., Feld, M. "Characterization of Ultraviolet Laser-Induced Autofluorescence of Ceroid Deposits and Other Structures in Atherosclerotic Plaques as a Potential Diagnostic for Laser Angiosurgery." American Heart Journal 123, 208-216 (1992).