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1997 Publications

An, K., Dasari, R. R., Feld, M. S. "Traveling-wave atom-cavity interaction in the single-atom microlaser." Optics Letters 22, 1500-1502 (1997).

An, K., Sones, B. A., FangYen, C., Dasari, R. R., Feld, M. S. "Optical bistability induced by mirror absorption: measurement of absorption coefficients at the sub-ppm level." Optics Letters 22, 1433-1435 (1997).

An, K. W., Feld, M. S. "Semiclassical four-level single-atom laser." Physical Review A 56, 1662-1665 (1997).

Berger, A. J., Feld, M. S. "Analytical method of estimating chemometric prediction error." Applied Spectroscopy 51, 725-732 (1997).

Berger, A. J., Itzkan, I., Feld, M. S. "Feasibility of measuring blood glucose concentration by near- infrared Raman spectroscopy." Spectrochimica Acta Part a-Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 53, 287-292 (1997).

Brennan, J. F., Romer, T. J., Lees, R. S., Tercyak, A. M., Kramer, J. R., Feld, M. S. "Determination of human coronary artery composition by Raman spectroscopy." Circulation 96, 99-105 (1997).

Brennan, J. F., Wang, Y., Dasari, R. R., Feld, M. S. "Near-infrared Raman spectrometer systems for human tissue studies." Applied Spectroscopy 51, 201-208 (1997).

Cooperman, A. M., Schwartz, E. T., Fader, A., Golier, F., Feld, M. "Safety, efficacy, and cost of pancreaticoduodenal resection in a specialized center based at a community hospital." Archives of Surgery 132, 744-747 (1997).

Ingrams, D. R., Dhingra, J. K., Roy, K., Perrault, D. F., Bottrill, I. D., Kabani, S., Rebeiz, E. E., Pankratov, M. M., Shapshay, S. M., Manoharan, R., Itzkan, I., Feld, M. S. "Autofluorescence characteristics of oral mucosa." Head and Neck-Journal for the Sciences and Specialties of the Head and Neck 19, 27-32 (1997).

Kneipp, K., Wang, Y., Kneipp, H., Perelman, L. T., Itzkan, I., Dasari, R., Feld, M. S. "Single molecule detection using surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)." Physical Review Letters 78, 1667-1670 (1997).

Perelman, L. T., Winn, J., Wu, J., Dasari, R. R., Feld, M. S. "Photon migration of near-diffusive photons in turbid media: A Lagrangian-based approach." Journal of the Optical Society of America a-Optics Image Science and Vision 14, 224-229 (1997).

Wu, J., Perelman, L., Dasari, R. R., Feld, M. S. "Fluorescence tomographic imaging in turbid media using early- arriving photons and Laplace transforms." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 94, 8783-8788 (1997).