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1979 Publications

Feld, M. S., McNair, R. E., Wilk, S. R. "Physics of Karate." Scientific American 240, 150-158 (1979).

Fulghum, S. F., Feld, M. S., Javan, A. "Xef Ground-State Dissociation and Vibrational Equilibration." Applied Physics Letters 35, 247-249 (1979).

Murnick, D. E., Feld, M. S. "Applications of Lasers to Nuclear-Physics." Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science 29, 411-454 (1979).

Murnick, D. E., Gibbs, H. M., Wood, O. R., Zamick, L., Pappas, P., Burns, M., Kuhl, T., Feld, M. S. "Magnetic-Moment of Na-24m." Physics Letters B 88, 242-244 (1979).