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2003 Publications

"Diagnostic Tissue Spectroscopy and its Applications to Gastrointestinal Endoscopy", Tunnell, J, Haka, AS, McGee, SA, Mirkovic, J and Feld, MS.  Techniques in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 5 (2), 65-73 (2003). (pdf available)

"Identification of the Constituents of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Based on Raman Spectra Using Different Laser-Excitation Energies", Li, F, Chou, S, Ren, W, Gardecki, J, Swan, A, Unlu, M, Goldberg, B, Cheng, H-M and Dresselhaus, MS.  Journal of Materials Research 18 (5), 1251-1258 (2003). (pdf available)

"In Situ Detection of Neoplastic Transformation and Chemopreventive Effects Using Angle-Resolved Low-Coherence Interferometry", Wax, A, Yang, C, Muller, MG, Nines, R, Boone, C, Steele, V, Stoner, G, Dasari, RR and Feld, MS. Cancer Research 63, 3556-3559 (2003). (pdf available)

"Instrumentation for Multi-Modal Spectroscopic Diagnosis of Epithelial Dysplasia", Tunnell, J, Desjardins, A, Galindo, L, Georgakoudi, I, McGee, S, Mirkovic, J, Muller, MG, Nazemi, J, Nguyen, F, Wax, A, Zhang, Q, Dasari, RR and Feld, MS.  Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment 2, 505-514 (2003). (pdf available)

“Intrinsic Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Biological Tissue”, Georgakoudi, I, Muller, M and Feld, MS., in Intrinsic Fluorescence in Biomedicine, Mycek, M-A and Pogue, B, editors.  (Marcel Dekker, New York, 2003); 4, 109-142. (pdf available)

"Optical Imaging of the Cervix", Drezek, R, Richards-Kortum, R, Brewer, M, Feld, MS, Pitris, C, Ferenczy, A, Faupel, M and Follen, M.  Cancer 98 (9), 2015-2027 (2003). (pdf available)

"Principles of Spectral Endoscopy, and the Endoscopy of the Future", Feld, MS, Haka, A, McGee, S, Mirkovic, J and Tunnell, J, in Scientific Session Handout Book, Advanced Imaging Technologies for Barrett’s Metaplasia and Dysplasia, (DDW, 2003) 233-236.

“Quantitative Characterization of Biological Tissue Using Optical Spectroscopy”, Georgakoudi, I, Motz, J, Backman, V, Angheloiu, G, Haka, A, Muller, M, Dasari, RR and Feld, MS, in Biomedical Photonics Handbook, Vo-Dinh, T, editor. (CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2003); 1-27.

"Quantitative Detection of Benzo[a]pyrene Diolepoxide-DNA Adducts by Cryogenic Laser Induced Fluorescence", Luo, W, Gurjuar, R, Ozbal, C, Taghizadeh, K, Lafleur, A, Dasari, RR, Zarbl, H and Thilly, WG.  Chem. Res. Toxicology 16, 74-80 (2003). (pdf available)

“Seeing Small Biological Structures with Light”, Popescu, G, Fang-Yen, C, Deflores, L, Chu, M, Hunter, M, Kalashnnikov, M, Badizadegan, K, Boone, C, Dasari, RR and Feld, MS, in Laser Spectroscopy XVI, Hannaford, P, Sidorov, A, Bachor, H and Baldwin, K, editors.  (World Scientific, Singapore, 2003); 375-382.

"Single Molecule Raman Spectroscopy Using Silver and Gold Nanoparticles", Kneipp, K, Kneipp, H, Dasari, RR and Feld, MS.  Indian J. Physics 77B (1), 39-47 (2003).

"Spectroscopic Detection and Evaluation of Morphologic and Biochemical Changes in Early Human Oral Carcinoma", Muller, M, Valdez, T, Georgakoudi, I, Backman, V, Fuentes, C, Kabani, S, Laver, N, Wang, Z, Boone, C, Dasari, RR, Shapshay, S and Feld, MS.  Cancer 97 (7), 1681-1692 (2003). (pdf available)