NSE - Nuclear Science & Engineering at MIT


2024 NSE Research Expo

Friday, April 26, 2024. 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM ET
Koch Institute, 500 Main Street
first floor Main Corridor and Galleries and Auditorium 76-156

2024 NSE Expo, MIT

The MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering hosts its annual Research Expo on April 26, 2024. The event will showcase NSE research from across the Department and will inlude a poster session followed by presentations by four students. The expo provides a unique opportunity for the MIT community to learn more about the diverse research being conducted within NSE by faculty and students.

Oral presentations by

  • Abtin Ameri (Quantum Computing for Fusion)
    Can quantum computers speed up plasma physics simulations?
  • Marco Graffiedi (Thermo-fluid Research for Nuclear Systems)
    A chill out guide: Mastering the art of quenching
  • Jill Rahon (Nuclear Engineering & Security)
    Compact capabilities: Portable safeguards for emerging fuel cycles
  • Andrew Stasiuk (Quantum Science & Engineering)
    Designing an analogue quantum simulator

Posters Session — graduate student presenters

Rodrigo Cavalcanti Alvarez, Brandon Aranda, Abtin Ameri, Jack Barlow, Camelia Cavallaro, Carmen Sleight Crawford, Max Debbas, Alicia Elliott, Thibault Fredon, Vincent Galvan, Emile Germonpre, Joe Hall, Sara Hauptman, Haeseong Kim, Dan Korsun, Yang Liu, Zhuo Liu, Jill Rahon, Dauren Sarsenbayev, Keshav Vasudeva, Kay Whiteaker, Arthur Zangi

Posters Session — undergraduate student presenters

Emilio Ahuactzin, Liliana Arias, Evan Barkho, Loralei Cook, Kaelyn Dunnell, Eleni Mowery, Emily Neill, Mateo Pisinger, Zack West, Kaitlyn Yanna