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The faculty, research staff, and students of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT make up a closely collaborative community working at the leading edge of science and engineering. Our exceptionally strong interdisciplinary environment creates many opportunities for students to engage with a far-flung network of individuals and groups throughout MIT and beyond. Extending this network are our graduates, many of whom serve in leadership positions in nuclear energy and related fields around the world.


Faculty Emeriti

Research Scientists & Affiliated Faculty

Benoit Forget
Benoit Forget (Head)

Research interests

  • Advanced deterministic transport methods
  • Advanced stochastic transport methods
  • Algorithms for high performance computing
  • Acceleration/multiscale methods
  • Multi-physics methods

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George E. Apostolakis
George E. Apostolakis

Research interests

  • Rish assessment and management
  • Decision analysis
  • Nuclear safety
  • Nuclear security

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Emilio Baglietto
EmilioBaglietto (Associate Head)

Research interests

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Turbulence modeling
  • Multiphase flow and boiling
  • Virtual reactor modeling

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Ronald G. Ballinger
Ronald G.Ballinger

Research interests

  • Corrosion & Environmental effects on materials behavior
  • Electrochemistry
  • Risk Informed Component Life Analysis
  • Advanced materials for fusion systems
  • Nuclear fuel performance analysis

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Matteo Bucci

Research interests

  • Boiling heat transfer
  • Micro- and Nano-technologies for nuclear reactors
  • Advanced experimental diagnostics
  • Nuclear safety

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Jacopo Buongiorno

Research interests

  • Nuclear Batteries
  • Reactor design and safety
  • Boiling heat transfer
  • Offshore floating nuclear power plant
  • Nanofluids for nuclear applications

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Paola Cappellaro

Research interests

  • Quantum engineering

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Areg Danagoulian

Research interests

  • Nuclear security
  • Nuclear detection and nuclear forensics
  • Treaty verification
  • Nonproliferation

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Tolga Durak

Research interests

  • Integrated bio-fabrication and tissue engineering
  • Medical and health physics
  • Environmental justice

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Charles W. Forsberg
Charles W.Forsberg

Research interests

  • Fluoride salt-cooled high temperature reactors (FHRs)
  • Hybrid energy systems (Nuclear Renewable Systems)
  • Nuclear fuel cycles
  • High-temperature solar thermal power systems

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Jeffrey P. Freidberg
Jeffrey P.Freidberg

Research interests

  • Plasma physics and fusion

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Michael W. Golay
Michael W.Golay

Research interests

  • Risk analysis and optimization
  • Software and human reliability
  • Nuclear power technology strategy

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Rajiv (Raj) Gupta
Rajiv (Raj) Gupta

Research interests

  • Clinical applications of novel X-ray imaging modalities
  • Low-cost devices for imaging and image-guided interventions
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

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Jack hare
Jack Hare

Research interests

  • High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics
  • Magnetic Reconnection
  • Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
  • Magnetized Heat Transport

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Zachary Hartwig
Zachary Hartwig

Research interests

  • Accelerator-based nuclear science and fusion diagnostics
  • Monte Carlo particle transport and fusion neutronics
  • Magnetic fusion energy reactor design
  • Digital pulse processing and data acquisition systems for radiation detectors

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Linn W. Hobbs
Linn W.Hobbs

Research interests

  • Radiation sources, detection, and control
  • Materials in extreme environments
  • Nuclear fuel cycle and waste management

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Ian H. Hutchinson
Ian H.Hutchinson

Research interests

  • Controlled fusion and plasma physics
  • Plasma momentum transport and boundary phenomena
  • Interactions of flowing plasmas with solid objects
  • Computational plasma physics

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Alan Jasanoff
Alan Jasanoff

Research interests

  • Next-generation brain imaging
  • Molecular fMRI
  • Dynamics of neural systems

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Alan Jasanoff
Ericmoore Jossou

Research interests

  • Radiation damage
  • 3D/4D defects imaging
  • High throughput nuclear fuel and alloy design
  • Materials informatics and atomic scale simulations

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R. Scott Kemp
R. ScottKemp

Research interests

  • Nuclear security
  • Nuclear proliferation
  • Arms control and verification
  • Nuclear energy policy

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Richard C. Lanza
Richard C.Lanza

Research interests

  • Non-proliferation and safeguards
  • Compact superconducting accelerators for medicine and security
  • Accelerator based inspection systems
  • Phase contrast x-ray imaging
  • Radiation detectors

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Richard K. Lester
Richard K.Lester

Research interests

  • Innovation, productivity, and competitiveness
  • Nuclear technology management, control, and innovation
  • Science, technology, and economic policy
  • Energy innovation

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Ju Li

Research interests

  • Nanomaterials for energy
  • In situ electron microscopy
  • Physical metallurgy and mechanics
  • Computational materials science

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Mingda Li

Research interests

  • Quantum materials for energy
  • Neutron and x-ray scattering
  • New characterization techniques design

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Nuno F. Loureiro
Nuno F. Loureiro

Research interests

  • Magnetic Reconnection
  • Confinement and Transport in Fusion Plasmas
  • Magnetized plasma dynamics
  • Plasma turbulence

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Ronald R. Parker
Ronald R.Parker

Research interests

  • Plasma physics and fusion

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Koroush Shirvan

Research interests

  • Fission energy
  • Nuclear fuel cycle and waste management
  • Advanced reactor design and innovation
  • Nuclear safety

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Michael Short

Research interests

  • Mesoscale nuclear materials science
  • Nuclear alloy development
  • Non-contact radiation damage quantification
  • CRUD/fouling deposition and prevention

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Neil E. Todreas
Neil E.Todreas

Research interests

  • Innovative design of reactor concepts
  • Combined mega-power uprate and extended operating lifetime
  • Thermal hydraulic design and safety analysis

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Haruko Murakami Wainwright
Haruko Murakami Wainwright

Research interests

  • Nuclear contamination
  • Nuclear waste disposal
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Contaminant transport modeling
  • Uncertainty quantification

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Anne White

Research interests

  • Plasma diagnostics
  • Turbulent transport in plasmas
  • Experimental plasma physics
  • Transport model validation

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Dennis G. Whyte
Dennis G.Whyte

Research interests

  • Magnetic fusion energy
  • Plasma-surface interactions
  • Accelerators and surface analysis

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Bilge Yildiz

Research interests

  • Surface science on ionic-electronic solids
  • Advanced materials for solid oxide fuel cells, electrolyzers, corrosion and computing
  • Materials behavior in harsh conditions

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Sidney Yip

Research interests

  • Mesoscale materials modeling and simulation
  • Understanding materials aging and degradation phenomena
  • Creep, corrosion, and cracking
  • Molecular model of cement

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