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GRADUATE : Admissions

Changes for the 2020-2021 graduate application cycle

  • NSE will not require or consider GRE exam scores as part of the upcoming admissions cycle.
  • NSE will accept the IELTS Indicator online exam in order to accommodate students unable to access the TOEFL and IELTS in-person exams.

Applications for graduate studies in the Department are accepted only through the web system.

It will guide you through the requirements of the application and help by indicating any aspects of the application that are incomplete.

Please upload your transcript to the online system. Official transcripts are required for students who are admitted to the graduate program. Failing to complete an in-progress degree or uploading a transcript that has been tampered with will result in the admission offer being rescinded.

Your recommenders must submit letters by 15 December. We require that all recommendations be submitted electronically, using the web application system. Go to Letters of Recommendation and then Letter Status to ask for electronic recommendations and to check whether recommendations have arrived. You must e-mail your recommenders the instructions shown in Letter Status. It is your responsibility to ensure that your recommenders do enter their letters. You may not submit more than three letters of recommendation.

If your language of instruction beginning in primary school was not English, you'll need to take the TOEFL or the IELTS. MIT only accepts official score reports; a photocopy will not be considered an official test score. You may not use expired scores. The TOEFL is required even if you have a prior degree from a US university, or are currently studying in the US. Test scores must be received by the December 15 due date.

TOEFL waivers will be considered for students meeting all of the following criteria: 1) you have (or will complete) at least 4 years of study at a US educational institution; 2) a letter must be provided from the US University or English language school verifying fluency in English and include all test results used to make this assessment (can include prior TOEFL scores or in-house English language exams, as well as any other assessment methods used). The letter/documentation provided by your US university must be sufficient for the English language visa requirement.

You can find more information on the Nuclear Science and Engineering graduate programs at the graduate education page. More information about the applications process can be found at the central website. Applications for the dual degree MBA/MS program are accepted at the LGO website. Please address questions about Nuclear Science and Engineering and the application process to the Admissions Coordinator, Brandy Baker, brandyb@mit.edu.

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