NSE - Nuclear Science & Engineering at MIT


Research & Educational Staff

Marina Dang
(Communication Lab Manager)
24-216B 617-253-3808 dangm@mit.edu
Georgios Dimitrakopoulos
(Research Scientist)
3-339P gdim@mit.edu
Jinyong Feng
(Research Scientist)
NW12-305 919-645-8825 jinyongf@mit.edu
Qi He
(Technical Associate I)
Charles W. Forsberg
(Principal Research Scientist)
24-207 617-324-4010 cforsber@mit.edu
Richard C. Lanza
(Research Scientist)
NW14-2222 617-253-2399 lanza@mit.edu
Farheen Naqvi
(Research Scientist)
NW14-2213 470-334-2031 fnaqvi@mit.edu
Bren Phillips
(Research Scientist)
NW13-239 617-253-5368 bren@mit.edu
Jiayue Wang wangjy11@mit.edu

Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 24-107 (map)
Cambridge, MA 02139