NSE - Nuclear Science & Engineering at MIT


2022 NSE Spotlights

Four students on a curved walkway indoors against an orange backdrop, MIT

The task of magnetic classification suddenly looks easier

MIT undergraduate researchers, Helena Merker, Harry Heiberger, and Linh Nguyen and PhD student, Tongtong Liu, exploit machine learning techniques to determine the magnetic structure of materials.

Male faculty member Ian Hutchinson in front of Alcator C-Mod, a fusion tokamak in a large lab sapce, MIT

Spotlight: Probing plasma

Investigating the solar wind flowing past Earth, MIT physicist and professor of nuclear science and engineering, Ian Hutchinson finds solitary waves that might arise within fusion devices.

Male faculty member Koroush Shirvan in a hallway with lights overhead in a zig-zag pattern, MIT

Pursuing a practical approach to research

Winner of a prestigious award from the American Nuclear Society, Koroush Shirvan has pursued avenues to lower the costs of nuclear energy.

Amelia Trainer, MIT

Simulating neutron behavior in nuclear reactors

Amelia Trainer’s work is fundamental to understanding how nuclear reactors operate. A passion for computer modeling and poetry have stood her in good stead through her research career.

Anne White, MIT

High energy and hungry for the hardest problems

Fusion physics pioneer and MIT climate change leader Anne White hopes to help “save the world with nuclear”

Matteo Bucci, MIT

Solving a long-confounding mystery in heat transfer

Hailing from a small town in Italy, Matteo Bucci is determined to address some of the unknowns plaguing fundamental science.

Evan Leppink, MIT

Seeking a way to better stabilize the fusion environment

In a residency supported by the Department of Energy, the NSE PhD candidate, Evan Leppink, will explore the high-field side of the DIII-D tokamak.

Neil Todreas, MIT

In service to nuclear energy

From Rickover to advanced reactors, emeritus professor Neil Todreas pursues a lifelong commitment to carbon-free electricity.

Sidney Yip, MIT

Eighty-six, and still looking ahead

Emeritus professor Sidney Yip reflects on a life in nuclear science and materials engineering, while planning his next act.

Changhao Li, MIT

Mining valuable insights from diamonds

A passion to understand natural science phenomena ignited Changhao Li’s love of quantum physics.

Zoe Fisher, MIT

Finding her way to fusion

Zoe Fisher’s undergraduate research journey leads to a role working on the SPARC tokamak

Richard Lester, MIT

Leveraging science and technology against the world’s top problems

From nuclear proliferation to climate change, Richard K. Lester taps research talent to map a path toward a sustainable planet

Areg Danagoulian, MIT

Building technological tools for nuclear disarmament

Associate Professor Areg Danagoulian credits mentorship with helping him establish a path through nuclear physics.

Jack Hare, MIT

Mapping the depths of plasma physics

In his new lab where he will study how plasma behaves in the universe, assistant professor of nuclear science and engineering Jack Hare draws inspiration from spelunking.

Nina Andrejevic, MIT

Fast-tracking the search for energy-efficient materials

Doctoral candidate Nina Andrejević combines spectroscopy and machine learning techniques to identify novel and valuable properties in matter

Rachel Bielajew, MIT

Helping make fusion a reality

Fusion has great potential as a carbon-free energy source but plasma turbulence presents a problem. Rachel Bielajew is taking on that challenge and helping make a better world—through science and community action.

Bilge Yildiz, MIT

Electrochemistry, from batteries to brains

Professor Bilge Yildiz finds patterns in the behavior of ions across applications

Limiao Zhang, MIT

Crossing disciplines, adding fresh eyes to nuclear engineering

Graduate student, Limiao Zhang, sees surprising connections between the behavior of cars and bubbles.

Michael Short, MIT

Investigating materials for nuclear power

A longstanding interest in radiation’s effects on metals has drawn Michael Short into new areas such as nuclear security and microreactors.

W Robb Stewart, MIT

Waging a two-pronged campaign against climate change

With a nuclear energy startup and cost-modeling tool, PhD student Robbie Stewart aims to speed construction of new plants for decarbonizing the economy

Madhumitha Ravichandran, MIT

The boiling crisis — and how to avoid it

PhD student Madhumitha Ravichandran identifies the three main factors that trigger the boiling crisis through machine learning models

Ashley Finan, MIT

Leading with nuclear innovation

MIT alumna, Ashley Finan, aims to put US in the forefront of advanced nuclear energy technologies that could prove pivotal in the clean energy transition

Richard Ibekwe, MIT

Understanding imperfections in fusion magnets

MIT Energy Fellow Richard Ibekwe finds flaws in high-temperature superconducting tapes, so they can be measured, fixed or embraced

Arunkumar Seshadri, MIT

A practical path toward discovery

Doctoral student, Arunkumar Seshadri leverages radiation and other tools as he seeks enhanced materials for nuclear reactors