NSE - Nuclear Science & Engineering at MIT



Fission technology has been synonymous with nuclear power generation since the 1950s. Today, fission is entering a new era—one in which new-generation reactors and upgraded existing plants will redefine nuclear power’s role in the world's overall energy supply. Future reactors will take advantage of advanced design and construction techniques to reduce capital and operating costs, work in tandem with intermittent sources of renewable energy, while continuing to provide electricity without carbon emissions, and even expand the use of nuclear energy beyond electricity.

NSE is maintaining its leadership in nuclear fission programs large and small, including the flagship Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES), which coordinates research initiatives in reactor design, energy conversion plants, and the fuel cycle. Other notable activities include a leading role in the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL), participation in the Institute-wide MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), and many collaborations with worldwide industrial partners.