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Postdoctoral Associate

Postdoctoral research scholar to enhance understanding of the climactic effects of limited nuclear wars by studying the fundamentals of how large-scale fires are initiated by nuclear explosions, their probability of their occurring, and the expected soot loading produced by such fires.

This is a full-time position The position is for one year, renewable for up to one additional year pending satisfactory performance. Salary is $80,000/year. The scholar is expected to work in residence at MIT.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions):
Responsibilities include:

  • Carry out literature reviews of existing work, identifying key disagreements and their origins.
  • Research soot generation in limited nuclear wars, including through the use of code for modelling large-scale fires; validate findings against published research; analyze data to find to reach novel conclusions.
  • Summarize research results and present findings at lab meetings and externally, including to both technical and policy audiences.
  • Draft at least one technical paper for submission to a peer-reviewed journal and one book chapter to summarize key findings for a policy audience.
  • Perform other related duties as required, including work performed at lower levels, when necessary.

Qualifications & Skills:

REQUIRED A doctoral degree in a relevant quantitative technical discipline (Physics, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, Environmental Science); practical experience of coding and numerical modelling; proven ability to craft research agenda, review and analyze the existing literature, and synthesize research findings; superb command of English, both written and spoken, with a demonstrated ability to structure complex technical documents and write clear and precise prose.

PREFERRED Experience in modelling large-scale fires; knowledge of nuclear weapons and their effects; experience with knowledge transfer in a public-policy setting; knowledge of the LaTeX typesetting language.

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