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Postdoctoral Associate

Nuclear Science and Engineering seeks a Postdoctoral Associate to research radiation-induced defects such as dislocation, gas bubbles, and cavities using synchrotron-based three-dimensional (3D) imaging techniques such as Bragg Coherent Diffraction Imaging (BCDI). BCDI makes it possible to elucidate the nanoscale mechanisms that drive the formation of defects under in-situ environments relevant to a nuclear reactor operating condition. This work aims to investigate the effects of coupled extreme events sequentially and concurrently on nuclear materials using synchrotron-based 3D imaging techniques. This project has implications for the design of radiation-tolerant and corrosion-resistant materials for nuclear energy applications.

Required Ph.D. in materials science and engineering, solid state physics, or related field. Candidates close to the end of their Ph.D. will also be considered but must have their PhD prior to start date. Must have the ability to: perform in situ measurements using 3D X-ray microscopy imaging techniques such as BCDI, Ptychography in the Bragg geometry, and Dark Field X-ray Microscopy; travel to user facilities such as ion implantation centers and synchrotron facilities such as DESY, NSLS II, and ESRF for extended days; build and set up in situ cells compatible with beamline configuration; analyze large data sets from coherent diffraction experiments using Python and MATLAB programming.

Preferred Knowledge of machine learning for x-ray diffraction and electron microscopy image processing; strong publication records in x-ray microscopy-based techniques; and the ability to work in a team and support the other group members during their beamtime.

Must be able to travel to user facilities such as ion implantation centers and synchrotron facilities such as DESY, NSLS II, and ESRF for extended days.

The expected start date is January 1, 2024.

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Senior Financial Coordinator

The Senior Financial Coordinator will work closely with the Sr Financial Officer to manage and perform comprehensive financial management the department’s sponsored research activities, including pre and post-award research administration.

The Senior FC will prepare and analyze financial reports and forecasts, reconcile and audit monthly accounts, approve purchases and travel, allocate personnel costs, prepare proposals and assist with aspects of complex proposal preparation, and generally execute the efficient administration of sponsored funds in the Department.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitor and forecast grants and contracts to ensure compliance with MIT policies, their individual terms and conditions, and award budgets. Meet with Principal Investigators to report regularly on spending and make adjustments as instructed. Advise PIs on compliance and provide guidance as warranted.
  • Coordinate the preparation of proposals and contracts at moderate levels of complexity, including budget preparation and entering of information into KUALI COEUS.  Work with the PI, SFA and RAS liaison to prepare and submit all required documents, interpreting and following sponsor guidelines.  Ensure that the final proposal is compliant with the proposal solicitation.
  • Monitor and track project expiration dates and funding levels to ensure that RAs and staff within faculty research groups are supported.  Notify the SFA when funding is low or project is nearing expiration date.
  • Work with the SFA and Graduate Administrative office to determine and communicate funding sources for students each term.
  • Review and approve procurement transactions (Travel, RFPs, Requisitions, etc), ensuring that the expenses comply with MIT policy, are appropriate to the funding source, and that there are adequate funds to cover the expense. Provide feedback and training to submitters to prevent recurring errors.
  • Prepare cost objects for the closeout process and work with CAO, RAS and the SFA in executing closeout of projects in a timely manner.  Compile information and documents needed for audit inquiries as it related to assigned PI portfolios.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual budget reports for assigned PI portfolios; prepare budget forecasts and conduct financial analysis.  Perform monthly and fiscal year-end closing processes.
  • Review the payroll suspense account monthly, moving suspense charges to appropriate funding sources and tracking those that can’t be moved yet as to where they will be charged.
  • With the SFA, submit summer faculty appointments, reviewing committed effort and advising PIs on their availability of funding.
  • Manage subcontracts on sponsored projects, which may include setting up purchase orders, reviewing invoices, and working with the subcontracts office.
  • Administer standing orders with internal and external vendors that provide research services to our PIs, such as cylinder rental, instrumentation facilities, and computational facilities, ensuring that the billing process happens smoothly, is applicable and allocable to the project.
  • Act as a resource of information about department, MIT, and sponsor policies for faculty, staff and students. Monitor department research grants for compliance with these policies and raise issues to the SFA.
  • Identify opportunities for improving procedures and making processes more efficient while remaining compliant with applicable policies and bring these ideas to the SFA.
  • Work together with the headquarters staff and other members of the department to implement changes as needed and directed by the DF&A and SFA.
  • Other duties as assigned.

This position may be adaptable to working remotely in part or whole, depending on the qualifications and experience of the applicant.

Required Bachelor’s Degree; minimum three years’ experience in accounting or financial management with experience in administration of sponsored research programs in university setting; ; strong analytical, organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills; sound attention to detail; ability to prioritize and work well under deadline pressure; willingness to assume responsibility and take initiative while working with a diverse group of people; ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Experience with Microsoft Excel required.

Preferred Experience with MIT systems such as of KUALI COEUS (KC),  SAP, Cognose, Brio Query  and NIMBUS.  MIT administrative experience strongly desired.

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Jobs at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center

The MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center is hiring innovative, motivated, and qualified individuals to execute its mission of accelerating the development of fusion energy. A leader in fusion research, the PSFC is an idea meritocracy with a tradition of relentless innovation and lively, engaging technical discussions.The PSFC is seeking outstanding individuals with a track record of excellence across a wide variety of areas to join its team: technicians, machinists, designers, engineers (mechanical, electrical, power, cryogenic, nuclear), physicists, fiscal officers, and support staff. Successful candidates will work with a stellar team of students, scientists, engineers, and staff on one of the most challenging and important problems facing humanity: the delivery of clean, sustainable, and societal-scale energy on a timeline to combat global climate change.

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