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Message from the Department Head

NSE is committed to growing and sustaining a diverse community so that all members of our department feel safe, welcome, and thrive.

Feedback and dialogue from preliminary department forums as part of #ShutDownSTEM will serve to guide and develop our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in NSE, and for launching new efforts.

The recently appointed NSE Community Equity Officer, Professor Emilio Baglietto, will coordinate the Department effort to expand existing programs and establish new initiatives. This includes an NSE DEI Task Force. Students, alumni/ae, staff, postdocs and faculty will work together to map and track objectives and goals for the Department.

We have begun and will continue to create spaces for dialogue within our department on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our plan is to engage with specialists and experts from the MIT community and beyond, who will be able to focus conversations and learning on critical issues in DEI. We have also begun to collaborate with MindHandHeart and ICEO to help us develop initiatives within NSE.

Our mission is to help develop the next generation of technical leaders of the global nuclear enterprise and to provide technical leadership in energy and non-energy applications of nuclear technology. A diverse and welcoming community is integral to our success in accomplishing our mission, as we seek to find technical solutions to global challenges and to improve the lives of people of every race, ethnicity, gender, and income level. Together, we need to recognize and work to eliminate the barriers that exclude potential students and future leaders in our field.

Anne White
Professor and Head, Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering

NSE DEI Committee (NSE DEIC) 2020–2021

  • Emilio Baglietto, CEO / Head of DEI Committee
  • Rachel Bielajew, Graduate Student, ANS DEI Officer
  • Jacopo Buongiorno, Professor, Director CANES, Director, S&T NRL
  • Carolyn Carrington, CANES Center Administrator
  • Valerie Censabella, NSE Human Resources Administrator
  • Zoe Fisher, Undergraduate Student
  • jack Hare, Assistant Professort
  • Bren Phillips, Research Scientist, Reactor TH Laboratory
  • Mike Short, Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Chair

Chaired by NSE Community Equity Officer, Prof. Emilio Baglietto, the DEIC includes representation from faculty, staff, students and research scientists. Monthly DEIC summaries will be communicated starting in January, and the DEIC will communicate with the community as part of NSE town halls.

Contact the NSE DEIC directly at nse-dei-contact@mit.edu

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