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NSE Spotlights

Nestor Sepulveda, MIT

Zeroing in on decarbonization

Wielding complex algorithms, NSE doctoral candidate Nestor Sepulveda spins out scenarios for combating climate change

Pablo Rodriguez-Fernandez, MIT

Heating by Cooling

Pablo Rodriguez-Fernandez PhD’19 resolves a fusion paradox to receive the 2019 Del Favero Thesis Prize

Areg Danagoulian, MIT

Areg Danagoulian: Leveraging nuclear physics to reduce nuclear threats

Danagoulian has committed himself to these challenges, generating new technologies that reduce nuclear security threats in the near term and that offer game-changing options in the arena of nuclear nonproliferation and treaty verification.

Myles Stapelberg, MIT

Myles Stapelberg: From videogames to startups

Myles Stapelberg ’21, a junior double majoring in nuclear science and engineering and materials science and engineering, wants to help make sure that the best materials for building fusion tokamaks for the purpose of power generation.

Brandon Sorbom, MIT

Innovative academic-entrepreneurial path towards fusion energy

NSE alum, Brandon Sorbom and Commonwealth Fusion Systems break new ground in energy technology and business models in pursuit of climate-friendly power generation

Kiran O. Dolan, MIT

A vision of nuclear energy buoyed by molten salt

NSE graduate student Kieran Dolan tackles a critical technical challenge to fluoride-salt-cooled high-temperature nuclear reactors.

Agata Wisniowska, MIT

A “second home”

On the cusp of graduation, NSE alumna and health sciences and technology doctoral candidate, Agata Wiśniowska sustains her decade-plus connection to the MIT Nuclear Reactor Lab

Mareena Robinson Snowden, MIT

Plotting new paths to a nuclear “yes”

NSE alumna Mareena Robinson Snowden devises new solutions for problems of arms control and proliferation

Miriam Kreler, MIT

Fine-tuning multiphysics problems

NSE graduate student Miriam Kreher codes to create better models for complex interactions within nuclear reactors

Raspberry Simpson , MIT

From summer research program to PhD dissertation

NSE graduate student Raspberry Simpson’s scientific fourney approaches fruition

Eva Lisowski , MIT

Pushing the limits

NSE junior Eva Lisowski studies and trains hard for a future of national service

Artyom Kossolapov , MIT

Heat-seeking studies

Using cutting-edge diagnostic devices, NSE graduate student, Artyom Kossolapov, takes precision measurements of a physical phenomenon critical to nuclear reactor energy generation

Nuno Loureiro, MIT

Probing the world of plasmas

Nuno Loureiro explores the behavior of the universe’s most abundant form of matter.

Matt Ellis, Sam Shaner, MIT

Powered by idealism and pragmatism

Nuclear science and engineering alumni, Matt Ellis and Sam Shaner, launch startup and win major Department of Energy grant to develop innovative advanced nuclear reactor design.

David Layden, MIT

Honing quantum sensing

New QEG approach to spatial noise filtering boosts development of ultra-sensitive quantum sensor devices.

Etienne Demarly, MIT

Mastering fluid flow and bubble boil

Through meticulous computations, nuclear science and engineering student Etienne Demarly simulates conditions inside a nuclear reactor.

Juan Ruiz Ruiz , MIT

The heat of the matter

PhD candidate Juan Ruiz Ruiz seeks to discover how heat leaks from fusion plasmas.

Xingang Zhao , MIT

Making nuclear energy safer and more affordable

Galvanized by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters, PhD student Xingang Zhao envisions a future with safe, efficient nuclear power.

Ashoj Ajoy

Quantum choreographer

Using diamond dust and laser light to control atomic “spin,” NSE alumnus, Ashok Ajoy, pursues alternatives to costly conventional imaging technologies.

Guanyu Su, MIT

Turning up the heat

Fine-tuning thermal hydraulics in reactors, doctoral student Guanyu Su hopes to advance more powerful nuclear energy technology

Mingda Li, MIT

Deriving a theory of defects

Mingda Li seeks to harness atomic irregularities in materials for improved energy applications

Ka-Yen Yau, MIT

Ka-Yen Yau: From coolants to a carbon-constrained world

An early calling for clean energy propels undergraduate Ka-Yen Yau’s research on the next generation of nuclear technology.

Rachel Connick, Charles Hirst, MIT

A paired passion for pushing boundaries

Nuclear science and engineering doctoral students, Rachel Connick and Charles Hirst, search for radiation damage in metals.

Olorunsola (Jerry) Akinsulire, MIT

The making of a maker mentor:

Undergraduate Olorunsola (Jerry) Akinsulire spearheads new NSE builder space.

Alex Creely, MIT

Alex Creely: Bridging the gap between simulation and reality

Graduate student Alex Creely receives Department of Energy Innovation Award.

Sarah Don, MIT

Sarah Don: Building connections

NSE alum and MIT Reactor superintendent aims to give more students the opportunity to work with and learn from the reactor.

Koroush Shirvan, MIT

Shifting gears, research scientist Koroush Shirvan joins NSE faculty

Assistant professor of nuclear science and engineering leads projects for developing accident-tolerant fuel and optimizing nuclear energy technology.

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