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Do you want to…

  • Create sustainable energy?
  • Decarbonize all parts of the economy?
  • Design fusion power plants?
  • Understand plasmas?
  • Empower space exploration?
  • Set energy policy?
  • Prevent nuclear war?
  • Build quantum devices?
  • Manipulate a single atom?
  • Do research in your first year?

The Course 22 undergraduate programs provide a broad foundation in nuclear science and engineering, as well as related fields of engineering. NSE students learn the science and engineering fundamentals in the production, interactions, and measurement of radiation arising from nuclear processes. Students learn to design nuclear-based systems and/or experiments that have wide societal impacts in energy, human health, security and technology development. The programs are designed to include both hands-on elements and analytical learning, grounded in an understanding of low energy nuclear physics.

In the ABET-accredited 22 degree, the coursework focuses on building real-world skills applicable in the nuclear industry, and related careers in utilities, medical technologies, policy, innovative new technologies, research, computational analysis, and consulting (and more). Students learn both design principles and research methodology, in addition to nuclear physics, radiation physics, computation, mathematics, societal impacts of nuclear technologies, and an introduction to fusion energy. This degree program is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

In the flexible 22-ENG degree, students learn the fundamentals of computation, mathematics, radiation physics, fission or fusion energy systems, and design or research in addition to a focus area defined by the student. Example focus areas include fusion/nuclear physics, medical applications, energy systems, modeling and simulation, policy and economics, quantum science, quantum computing/technologies, and nuclear materials. Students may choose one of these areas, or create their own, and customize their coursework to prepare for an interdisciplinary career.

Students may also elect to complete a minor in Nuclear Science and Engineering.

We welcome MIT First Year undergraduates to participate in research as a UROP.

Contacts at NSE

Undergraduate Chair, Prof. Jacopo Buongiorno jacopo@mit.edu
Undergraduate Administrator, Heather Barry hbarry@mit.edu

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