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Fighting Racism, MIT

3Q: Fighting racism in the nuclear community

NSE alumna Aditi Verma along with agroup of nuclear scientists recently published a call for anti-racist action in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, urging researchers and their colleagues to confront a long legacy of racial disparities and injustices in the history of the nuclear field, many of which continue today.

quantum thermodynamics, MIT

Advancing the field of quantum thermodynamics

Study allows quantum systems to be modeled and predicted with more realistic results, enabling further development of technologies such as quantum computers and quantum heat engines.

MITAB graphic, MIT

2020 MIT A+B Applied Energy Symposium

The 2020 sessions covered topics including waste management, energy economics, and battery technology, and featured multiple NSE alumni and current faculty.

2020 UROP Festival, MIT

NSE UROP Summer Research Festival

Friday, August 28, 2020. 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST. Showcasing undergraduate research in the Department in three parallel Zoom sessions.

Mike Short, MIT

The tenured engineers of 2020

NSE’s Mike Short is one of eight faculty members granted tenure in five departments across the School of Engineering.

Krypton Capture, MIT

Novel gas-capture approach advances nuclear fuel management

NSE Prof Ju Li and multidisciplinary team use metal organic frameworks to extract radioactive krypton from fuel reprocessing gases.

Anne White, MIT

Anne White appointed SoE Distinguished Professor of Engineering

This professorship was established to recognize outstanding contributions in education, research, and service. Professor White’s appointment recognizes her exceptional leadership, innovation, and accomplishments in education and research.

irradiated and nonirradiated materials, MIT

Radiation slows corrosion of some materials

Prof Mike Short and collaborators finds that in certain alloys, exposure to proton irradiation can extend the material’s lifetime, study finds.

ionic-electronic devices, MIT

Engineers design a device that operates like a brain synapse

MIT team has made strides toward a system, which uses physical, analog devices that can much more efficiently mimic the brain’s learning process, for neural network AI systems.

TIL graphic, MIT

PODCAST: TIL about nuclear power

Prof. Jacopo Buongiorno talks with host Laur Hesse Fisher about how nuclear power works, why even some climate advocates don’t agree on using it, and what role it can play in our clean energy future.


A fix for foulants

Researchers devise a practical solution for preventing corrosive buildup in nuclear systems.

Kohn Anomalies, MIT

Newly observed phenomenon could lead to new quantum devices

Exotic states called Kohn anomalies could offer clues to why some materials have the electronic properties they do.

Peter Brenton, MIT

NSE’s Peter Brenton recognized for outstanding service by School of Engineering

School of Engineering’s Ellen Mandigo Award recognizes staff who have demonstrated, over an extended period of time, intelligence, skill, hard work, and dedication to the Institute.

Quantum Engineering Group, MIT

Quantum leaps on the horizon

Quantum computing will likely be able to tackle the biggest data challenges, but the exact applications may depend on which systems prove most practical. “We’re still in the stage where we’re trying to pick the best technology,” says Paola Cappellaro.


2020 Commencement

Thirty-four NSE students graduate this year on May 29

Issac Wolverton, MIT

Undergraduates develop next-generation intelligence tools

Issac Wolverton explored the use of AI to redesign the reactor core to more efficient.

Awards event, MIT

2020 NSE + ANS Annual Awards

The Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering and the student chapter of the American Nuclear Society hosted their annual awards event virtually on May 22, 2020.

Accident tolerant fuel, MIT

A layered approach to safety

Using 3D fabrication, researchers develop novel nuclear materials that optimize both accident tolerance and performance

Paola Cappellaro, MIT

Achieving advisory equilibrium

Paola Cappellaro honored by her graduate students for being committed to caring

Reactor Core, MIT

Making nuclear energy cost-competitive

Three MIT teams to explore novel solutions to reductions in operations and maintenance costs of advanced nuclear reactors


2020 Graduate Research Expo

Irradiating N95 masks, MIT

Gamma radiation found ineffective in sterilizing N95 masks

Nuclear scientists and biomedical researchers team up to investigate whether treatment with gamma radiation could make N95 masks more reusable.

Dopamine response, MIT

How dopamine drives brain activity

Jasanoff's team finds that a specialized MRI sensor reveals the neurotransmitter’s influence on neural activity throughout the brain.

Covid-Supercomputing, MIT

MIT joins White House supercomputing effort to speed up search for Covid-19 solutions

NSE’s Ben Forget one of four at MIT to oversee Institutes work as part of the consortium which includes industry, government, and academic institutions.


Fusion researchers endorse push for pilot power plant in US

Fusion energy community makes unified statement on priorities in report for Department of Energy Policy Advisory Group.

QUBIT Harnessing Defects, MIT

Novel method for easier scaling of quantum devices

System “recruits” defects that usually cause disruptions, using them to instead carry out quantum operations.

Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program, MIT

A new way to prepare graduate students to lead in tech

Becoming a leader is nearly inevitable for engineering students, says Lucio Milanese, a fourth-year NSE graduate student.

Thomas Dupree, MIT

Thomas Dupree, professor emeritus of nuclear science and engineering and physics, dies at 86

Highly regarded physicist was well-known for studying plasma turbulence in terms of coherent structures.

thermal conductivity, MIT

A material’s insulating properties can be tuned at will

Most materials have a fixed ability to conduct heat, but applying voltage to this thin film changes its thermal properties drastically.

Quantum Errors, MIT

Correcting the “jitters” in quantum devices

A new study suggests a path to more efficient error correction, which may help make quantum computers and sensors more practical.

Students Dicover Things, MIT

Nuclear Gets Personal with Prof. Michael Short

In this first episode on Chalk Radio, Professor Michael Short discusses one of the core principles of his teaching philosophy: the importance of making abstract concepts in nuclear science tangible by means of hands-on activities.

IAP Fusor Workshop, MIT

IAP fusor workshop inaugurates Nuclear Maker Space

Building devices to study fusion processes generates enthusiasm, and a purple glow

new electrode design, MIT

Beefing up batteries

New research by engineers at MIT and elsewhere could lead to batteries that can pack more power per pound and last longer, based on the long-sought goal of using pure lithium metal as one of the battery’s two electrodes, the anode.


Bridging the classroom and the real world

Undergraduates showcase a novel and consequential application of nuclear science and engineering.

MITEI conference, MIT

“Energy at scale”, engagement as levers of decarbonization

MITEI’s 2019 Annual Research Conference emphasized the dire urgency of the climate crisis; the importance of an intersectoral and collaborative approach to decarbonization; and the role of economics and policy in combatting global temperature rise.

MIT Climate Symposium, MIT

Getting the carbon out of the electricity sector

MIT symposium looks at the role of advances in storage, solar, nuclear, EVs and more in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Areg Danagouian, MIT

NSE’s Areg Danagoulian wins 2019 Radiation Science and Technology Award

Danagoulian was recognized by the ANS Isotopes and Radiation Division "for technology-critical contribution exploiting nuclear resonance phenomena for warhead verification in nuclear disarmament and nuclear detection techniques in cargo security"

atomic sheets schematic, MIT

A new way to corrosion-proof thin atomic sheets

Ultrathin coating could protect 2D materials from corrosion, enabling their use in optics and electronics

Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez, MIT

2019 Del Favero Thesis Prize

The 2019 Del Favero Thesis Prize has been awarded to Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez, PhD ’19.


Bell rings for round two of nuclear energy class

Encouraged by healthy first-year enrollment, NSE offers revamped version of EdX MOOC.

Areg Danagoulian, MIT

How to dismantle a nuclear bomb

MIT team successfully tests a new method for verification of weapons reduction.

Anne White, MIT

Anne White named American Physical Society Fellow

NSE’s White is one of four from MIT named in 2019. The APS fellowship recognizes peers who have contributed to advances in physics through original research, innovative applications, teaching, and leadership.

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