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NSE UROP Summer Research Festival
Friday, August 28, 2020. 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

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2020 UROP Festival, MIT

The 2020 NSE UROP Summer Research Festival showcases undergraduate research in the Department. The moderated lightning talks by eleven undergraduates will be held in three parallel Zoom sessions.

Session 1
Hosted by Lisa Magnano-Bleheen Join Session

  • Jaron Cota
    • Sophomore in NSE
    • UROP advisor: Prof. Michael Short
    • Title: Observing Thermal Anisotropy in Uranium Dioxide with Transient Grating Spectroscopy
    • Moderated by: Prof. Michael Short
  • Mriganka Mandal
    • Sophomore in Biology/Chemistry
    • UROP advisor: Dr. Charles Forsberg
    • Title: Crushed Rock and Sprayed Nitrate Salt Heat Storage for Variable Electricity Generation
    • Moderated by: Dr. Charles Forsberg
  • AJ Cavallaro
    • Junior in EECS/NSE
    • UROP advisor: Prof. Dennis Whyte
    • Title: Software Tools for Plasma Physicists
    • Moderated by: Prof. Dennis Whyte, Dr. Ethan Peterson
  • Peninah Levine
    • Senior in NSE
    • UROP advisor: Prof. Areg Danagoulian
    • Title: Conversion of electron beam to epithermal neutrons: compact, cheaper detection of nuclear threats in cargo
    • Moderated by: Prof. Areg Danagoulian

Session 2
Hosted by Kristi Stone Join Session

  • Natalie Montoya
    • Senior in NSE
    • UROP advisor: Prof. Scott Kemp
    • Title: Is This COVID-19 or Allergies? Addressing the Question Everyone’s Asking with Bayesian Computation
    • Moderated by: Prof. Scott Kemp
  • Calvin Cummings
    • Sophomore in NSE
    • UROP advisor: Prof. Anne White
    • Title: Measuring Turbulence in Tokamaks: A Brief Look into Optical Depth
    • Moderated by: Rachel Bielajew (NSE graduate student and UROP mentor)
  • Lauryn Kortman
    • Sophomore in DMSE
    • UROP advisors: Prof. Dennis Whyte, Dr. David Fischer
    • Title: Controlling experiments remotely through a GUI with serial communication
    • Moderated by: Dr. David Fischer (PFSC postdoc)
  • Myles Stapelberg
    • Senior in NSE
    • UROP advisors: Profs. Ju Li and Michael Short
    • Title: A Parametric Study of the Resistance of Direct Energy Deposition-made Inconel 718 to Helium Bubble Formation
    • Moderated by: Prof. Michael Short

Session 3
Hosted by Nancy Iappini Join Session

  • Abdalla Osman
    • Senior in MechE
    • UROP advisor: Prof. Jacopo Buongiorno
    • Title: Non-aqueous EV Battery Coolants: Modeling, Synthesis, and Testing
    • Moderated by: Dr. Bren Phillips (NSE research scientist)
  • Charlotte Wickert
    • Sophomore in Physics
    • UROP advisor: Prof. Ben Forget
    • Title: Improving Thermal Neutron Scattering Data
    • Moderated by: Amelia Trainer (NSE graduate student and UROP mentor)
  • Liam Hines
    • Junior in NSE
    • UROP advisor: Prof. Koroush Shirvan
    • Title: Preliminary Accident Analysis of D-T Fusion Facilities
    • Moderated by: Patrick White (NSE graduate student and UROP mentor)

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