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Rachel Bielajew honored as one of 40 Graduate Women of Excellence at MIT in 2023

Rachel Bielajew was one of 40 Graduate Women of Excellence at MIT honored by the Office of Graduate Education at MIT. These impactful women were chosen for their leadership among their peers, their dedication to improving the MIT graduate student experience, their thoughtful and constructive feedback, and their ability to catalyze change.

“Building community has looked like a lot of different things for me,” says Bielajew. “It has meant building really strong mentoring relationships but also building peer-to-peer relationships where we can support each other and lean on each other. I've realized that I really want to provide that  to others as well because it's so important  to me to work in a field where I feel like I belong and where I feel like others will be able to thrive.”

The graduate women, whose home departments represent each of MIT’s five schools, were recognized at a reception held on May 8, 2023.

June 2023