An Index of Things Pertaining to Using ArcPad and ArcGIS to make Geological Maps


Step Two - Collecting Data on the iPaq

Configuring the GPS Reciever com 5

Collecting Data

Editing Data


Step Three - Transfering Data from the iPaq to the Computer

Copying from iPaq to Computer

A Note on Organization

Merging Data

Making New Shapefiles

Editing Vector Data



Step Four - Dealing with Lines

Drawing Lines


Modifying Lines

Smoothing Lines

Drawing Lines Using the Tablet Tools

Step Five - All things Symbology

Defining Symbology Categories

Line Symbols

Strikes, Dips and Symbol Rotation

Labeling and Annotations

Layer Files


Step Six - Finalizing the Map

From Lines to Polygons

Modifying Polygons

Layout View and Grids

Making a Legend, Adding a Scale Bar and Other Wonderful Things


Dealing with Specific Data Types

Making Slopemaps from DEMs

Making Contours from DEMs


Exercise 1: ctd. Arc Map intro

Exercise 2: Loading iPaq with data

Exercise 3: Transfering Data