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NSE Spotlights 2018

Eva Lisowski , MIT

Pushing the limits

NSE junior Eva Lisowski studies and trains hard for a future of national service

Artyom Kossolapov , MIT

Heat-seeking studies

Using cutting-edge diagnostic devices, NSE graduate student, Artyom Kossolapov, takes precision measurements of a physical phenomenon critical to nuclear reactor energy generation

Nuno Loureiro, MIT

Probing the world of plasmas

Nuno Loureiro explores the behavior of the universe’s most abundant form of matter.

Matt Ellis, Sam Shaner, MIT

Powered by idealism and pragmatism

Nuclear science and engineering alumni, Matt Ellis and Sam Shaner, launch startup and win major Department of Energy grant to develop innovative advanced nuclear reactor design.

David Layden, MIT

Honing quantum sensing

New QEG approach to spatial noise filtering boosts development of ultra-sensitive quantum sensor devices.

Etienne Demarly, MIT

Mastering fluid flow and bubble boil

Through meticulous computations, nuclear science and engineering student Etienne Demarly simulates conditions inside a nuclear reactor.

Juan Ruiz Ruiz , MIT

The heat of the matter

PhD candidate Juan Ruiz Ruiz seeks to discover how heat leaks from fusion plasmas.

Xingang Zhao , MIT

Making nuclear energy safer and more affordable

Galvanized by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters, PhD student Xingang Zhao envisions a future with safe, efficient nuclear power.

Ashoj Ajoy

Quantum choreographer

Using diamond dust and laser light to control atomic “spin,” NSE alumnus, Ashok Ajoy, pursues alternatives to costly conventional imaging technologies.

Guanyu Su, MIT

Turning up the heat

Fine-tuning thermal hydraulics in reactors, doctoral student Guanyu Su hopes to advance more powerful nuclear energy technology

Mingda Li, MIT

Deriving a theory of defects

Mingda Li seeks to harness atomic irregularities in materials for improved energy applications

Ka-Yen Yau, MIT

Ka-Yen Yau: From coolants to a carbon-constrained world

An early calling for clean energy propels undergraduate Ka-Yen Yau’s research on the next generation of nuclear technology.

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