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Microsystems Technologies Laboratories: Fabrication

The MTL Fab website is designed to help you plan and carry out successful projects at MTL. We collected information from all of the available tools, and categorized them to make it easier to find a specific capability or differentiate between alternatives. You can use the links above to browse tools grouped by different characteristics, or use the quick links on the right to find tools in a specific process category.

There are also several pages designed to help you get started based on your need:
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To browse the lab and find equipment suitable for your process, you can start with the following views (these, and additional ones, are located in the menu at the top of the page for fast access):

Browse by...To find
Process CategoryWhat is the equipment supposed to accomplish...
Process Subcategory...and how does the equipemt accomplish it?
Research SpecialistFind staff, how to contact them, and the equipment they are in charge of
Physical LocationTake a tour of the lab, figure out what that machine is in the corner, or how reach someone in a specific room.
Material KeywordsWhat materials can a machine interact with (add, remove, or modify)?
All ToolsA complete list of all available tools