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Benoit Forget wins 2013 Landis Engineering Achievement Award from the American Nuclear Society

Benoit Forget

Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering Benoit Forget has won the American Nuclear Society’s 2013 Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award. This prestigious award recognizes significant technical contributions by an individual under the age of 40. Forget received the award for his “outstanding contributions in revitalizing the MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering and developing efficient, scalable Monte Carlo reactor physics analysis tools."

The Landis Engineering Achievement Award was established to recognize outstanding accomplishments in which engineering knowledge has been effectively applied to yield an engineering concept, design, safety improvement, method of analysis or product utilized in nuclear power research and development or commercial application. Emphasis is placed on achievements demonstrating a high degree of technical merit and ingenuity.

Forget was presented with the award at the 2013 American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting in Florida in June.

NSE’s Professor Jacopo Buongiorno won the Landis Award in 2011 (read).