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NSE’s Carolyn Carrington receives Infinite Mile Award for Excellence

Carolyn Carrington

Carolyn Carrington embodies the qualities that the Infinite Mile Award is intended to acknowledge: aptitude, skill, hard work, and dedication to MIT’s faculty and students.

Carolyn joined MIT in 1999, and has worked in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering since 2003. She has worked for the Center of Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES) first for the late Professor Mujid Kazimi, and now for Professor Jacopo Buongiorno. During this time Carolyn has distinguished herself through her competent, patient, and cool-headed approach to the intense duties of organizing CANES, its directors, and faculty.

In the past few months CANES has faced the challenges of Professor Kazimi’s untimely passing, the leadership transition to Professor Buongiorno, and the new demands associated with the Low-Carbon Energy Center activities. Carolyn has been a stabilizing force of continuity for all the members of the Center.

“Carolyn’s dedication and support has been invaluable during this time of change and rebuilding. We are grateful for her commitment to the CANES and NSE community, and congratulate Carolyn on the well-deserved honor,” said Jacopo Buongiorno, Associate Department Head and Director of CANES.

Launched in 2001, the MIT School of Engineering’s Infinite Mile Award for Excellence is awarded annually to those whose work “is of the highest quality. They stand out because of their high level of commitment and because of the enormous energy and enthusiasm they bring to their work.”

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