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NSE’s Ju Li named 2017 Materials Research Society Fellow

Ju Li, MIT

Batelle Energy Alliance Professor Ju Li of MIT’s Nuclear Science and Engineering department has been named a 2017 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fellow. Li is recognized for “groundbreaking work on the fundamental properties of ultra-strong materials and elastic strain engineering.” He is one of sixteen fellows honored this year. The lifetime appointment recognizes scholars for their “distinguished research accomplishments and outstanding contributions to the advancement of materials research worldwide”.

Professor Li will be recognized at the Spring MRS 2017 meeting in Phoenix, AZ on April 19 and 20.

Li’s research in nuclear and materials science and engineering applies studies of atomic-scale materials behavior to a broad range of challenges, including energy storage, solar energy, waste management, and nuclear reactor materials. Over the last 15 years, Li has established himself as an international leader in developing and applying computer simulations to gain greater understanding of fundamental nano-scale mechanical and transport properties of materials. He has also led the discussion and development of an emerging topic in materials design — elastic strain engineering for which he is cited for the MRS Fellowship.

Li graduated with a PhD from the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT in 2000. Before His arrival at MIT NSE department in 2011 Li was an assistant professor at Ohio State University and an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He holds a joint appointment in MIT’s Materials Science and Engineering department

In 2014 Li was elected to a Fellowship in the American Physical Society (APS). The APS fellowship is a distinct honor signifying recognition by one’s professional peers for exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise. 

A list of the 2017 MRS Fellows and citations can be found on the MRS website.