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NSE wins two awards at NURETH-17

Artyom Kossolapov, Matteo Bucci, MIT

NSE graduate student Artyom Kossolapov won the Young Professional Award at the 17th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-17) for his work on transient boiling heat transfer. In his paper entitled “Transient Flow Boiling and CHF under Exponentially Escalating Heat Inputs” Kossolapov has discussed the methods and the results of recent investigations on transient CHF relevant for the safety of experimental pool type reactors. This insightful investigation has leveraged a cutting edge experimental approach developed in NSE, involving synchronized high speed infrared thermometry and rapid video imaging, to capture the micro-scale features of the physical phenomena with a temporal resolution of a few hundred microseconds. Kossolapov is a 3rd year graduate student working with NSE’s Prof. Matteo Bucci.

An NSE research team won the best paper award at the NURETH-17 for their presentation titled “Mechanistic Prediction of Wickability and CHF Enhancement on Micro- and Nano-Engineered Surfaces”. The paper was co-authored by Md Mahamudur Rahman (NSE postdoc), Chi Wang (NSE graduate student), Giacomo Saccone (visiting student from University of Pisa), and NSE professors Matteo Bucci and Jacopo Buongiorno. The research explored surface engineering solutions to enhance the thermal-hydraulics performance of nuclear reactor claddings and precisely enhance critical heat flux limits. This work was partially funded by Exelon through its participation in the Low-Carbon Energy Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES).

NURETH-17 was held in Xi’an China from September 3 to 8, 2017.

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Photo: Artyom Kossolapov (L), Matteo Bucci (R)

October 2017