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Commencement 2018

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Happy and proud to celebrate our graduating students!

graduating NSE students, MIT

Photo: Jacopo Buongiorno

graduating NSE students, MIT

L to R: Logan Abel, Kendall Fears, Fabrice Fils-Aim, Micah Gale, Richard Ibekwe, MIT

Photo: Jacopo Buongiorno

graduating NSE students,  MIT

Guanyu Su, Rosie Sugrue, MIT

Photo: Jacopo Buongiorno

Brandon Sorbom, MIT

Brandon Sorbom will continue his work on the SPARC project and as CTO of Commonwealth Fusion Systems

Photo: Jacopo Buongiorno

Melanie Tetreault-Friend, MIT

Melanie Tetreault-Friend heads to Montreal to take up a faculty position at McGill University.

Photo: Jacopo Buongiorno

Benjamin Magolan, MIT

Benjamin Magolan heads to Knolls Atomic Power Lab in Albany, New York in October.

Photo: Jacopo Buongiorno

Mareena Robinson-Snowden, MIT

“Find your community, people that will help you keep things in context. This is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about being yourself, not being correct” —Mareena Robinson-Snowden

Photo: Irene Sahinidis

MIT held its commencement exercises on June 8, 2018. Fourty NSE students graduated this year.

Graduating with Doctoral Degrees

Andrew Dykhuis PhD
Sara Ferry PhD
Geoffrey Gunow PhD
Geoffrey Haratyk PhD
Xuejun Huang PhD
Colin Josey PhD
Benjamin Magolan PhD
Andrew Richenderfer PhD
Samuel Shaner PhD
Mareena Snowden PhD
Brandon Sorbom PhD
Guanyu Su PhD
Rosemary Sugrue PhD
Yanin Sukjai PhD
Melanie Tetreault-Friend PhD
John Tramm PhD
Lun Yu PhD
Chuteng Zhou PhD

Silvia Espinosa-Gutiez ScD

Graduating with Master’s Degrees

Patrick Champlin SM
Jeremiah Collins SM
Kieran Dolan SM
Anil Gurgen SM
Briana Hiscox SM
Hannah Hoffman SM
Jordan Kearns SM
Artyom Kossolapov SM
Shikhar Kumar SM
Stephen Lam SM
Nathaniel McLauchlan SM
Roberts Nelson SM
Malik Wagih SM
Christopher Willmott SM

Graduating with Bachelor’s Degrees

Logan Abel SB
Kendall Fears SB
Fabrice Fils-Aime SB
Micah Gale SB
Richard Ibekwe SB
Rossana Iturbide SB
Rachel Parus SB


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