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NSE’s Guanyu Su wins 2016 Young Professional Thermal Hydraulics Research Competition

ANS 2016 award winners

NSE graduate student Guanyu Su won the 2016 Young Professional Thermal Hydraulics Research Competition at the November meeting of the ANS Thermal Hydraulics Division in Las Vegas, NV for his presentation entitled “High Resolution Measurements Reveal Transient Boiling under Exponential Heat Inputs.”

Su, a 5th year PhD student, is working with Prof. Buongiorno, Prof. Bucci and Dr. McKrell. His work has shed light on pool boiling and flow boiling heat transfer under off-normal transient power escalations, which may occur in nuclear reactors during accident conditions. This insightful investigation has leveraged a cutting edge experimental approach developed by Su, involving synchronized high speed infrared thermometry and rapid video imaging, to capture the micro-scale features of the physical phenomena with a temporal resolution of a few hundred microseconds. Using these advanced techniques, Su was able to explore previously undetectable phenomena, and provide a new and thorough understanding of transient boiling heat transfer.

Established in 2006, the Young Professional Thermal Hydraulics Research is hosted annually by the Thermal Hydraulics Division and co-sponsored by the Young Member Group of the American Nuclear Society. The winner of the competition is evaluated on of the originality and overall contribution of research, and the quality of the summary and the presentation.

The co-authors on the winning presentation are Guanyu Su, Matteo Bucci, Thomas McKrell, and Jacopo Buongiorno.