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NSE’s Kossolapov, Richenderfer win best poster award at CFD4NRS-6 2016

CFD4NRS-6-2016 award winners

Two NSE graduate students have received an award for best research poster at the recent conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics for Nuclear Reactor Safety Applications.

Artyom Kossolapov, a 2nd year PhD student, and Andrew Richenderfer, a 5th year student, received the award for their work concerning an experimental breakthrough in boiling heat transfer visualization. Both students are working with Professor Jacopo Buongiorno, Dr. Matteo Bucci and Dr. Thomas McKrell as part of NSE’s Green Lab. Their research uses high-speed video and infrared cameras to image boiling heat transfer phenomena with the goal of gaining insight to boiling fundamentals and establishing a data set for validation of CFD simulations. As part of their award winning poster they reported the first ever visualization of critical heat flux using infrared thermometry. Critical heat flux is characterized by the presence of a vapor film covering the boiling surface and causing a sharp reduction in heat transfer, resulting in a rapid increase in surface temperature. This can lead to burnout, which is an important safety concern in the development and operation of nuclear reactors. Their work is sponsored by CASL, Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors, a multi-institution research effort funded by a 10-year award from the Department of Energy.

The conference was hosted at MIT by the NSE department with Associate Professor Emillio Baglietto and Professor Jacopo Buongiorno.

Photo L to R: Andrew Richenderfer, Matteo Bucci, Artyom Kossolapov, Jacopo Buongiorno