Editor Commands

EAGLE Commands and their Meanings

Change Mode/File Commands

EDIT Load/create library element
WRITE Save drawing/library
OPEN Open library for editing
CLOSE Close library after editing
EXPORT Generate ASCII list (e.g. netlist)
SCRIPT Execute command file
USE Load library for placing elements
REMOVE Delete files/library elements

Create/Edit Drawings or Libraries

ARC Draw arc
CIRCLE Draw circle
POLYGON Draw polygon
RECT Draw rectangle
WIRE Draw line or routed track
TEXT Add text to a drawing
ADD Add element to drawing/symbol to device
COPY Copy objects/elements
GROUP Define group for upcoming operation
CUT Cut prev. defined group
PASTE Paste prev. cut group to a drawing
DELETE Delete objects
MIRROR Mirror objects
MOVE Move or rotate objects
ROTATE Rotate objects
NAME Name object
VALUE Enter/change value for component
SMASH Prepare NAME/VALUE text for moving
SPLIT Bend wires/lines (tracks, nets, etc.)
LAYER Create/change layer

Special Commands for Boards

SIGNAL Define signal (air line)
ROUTE Route signal
RIPUP Ripup routed track (a whole signal)
DELETE Ripup routed track (one segment)
VIA Place via-hole
HOLE Place hole (without conducting material)
RATSNEST Show shortest air lines
REPLACE Replace component
DRC Perform design rule check
ERRORS Show DRC errors

Special Commands for Schematics

NET Define net
BUS Draw bus line
JUNCTION Place connection point
INVOKE Add certain 'gate' from a placed device
LABEL Provide label to bus or net
GATESWAP Swap equivalent 'gates'
PINSWAP Swap equivalent pins
ERC Perform electrical rule check
BOARD Create a board from a schematic

Special Commands for Libraries

RENAME Rename symbol/package/device
CONNECT Define pin/pad assignment
PACKAGE Define package for device
PREFIX Define default prefix for device
VALUE Define if value text can be changed
PAD Add pad to a package
SMD Add smd pad to a package
PIN Add pin to a symbol
HOLE Define non-conducting hole
REMOVE Delete library elements

Change Screen Display and User Interface

WINDOW Choose screen window
DISPLAY Display/hide layers
ASSIGN Assign keys
CHANGE Change parameters
GRID Define grid/unit
MENU Configure command menu
SET Set program parameters

Miscellaneous Commands

AUTO Start Autorouter
HELP Show help page
INFO Show information about object
MARK Set/remove mark (for measuring)
OPTIMIZE Optimize (join) wire segments
RUN Run User Language Program
SHOW Highlight object
UNDO Undo commands
REDO Redo commands
PRINT Print to the system printer
UPDATE Update library objects

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