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NSE Spotlights 2020

Lucio Milanese, MIT

Discovering a new paradigm for understanding plasma turbulence

PhD candidate Lucio Milanese uncovers new fundamental mechanism in turbulence

Ju Li, MIT

Atomic design for a carbon-free planet

Manipulating materials at a fundamental level, Ju Li reveals new properties for energy applications

Peninah Levine, MIT

Toward a more secure world

Senior Nina Levine researches technologies for detecting radioactive material, pursuing a dual path in nuclear science and policy

Thanh Nguyen, MIT

Thanh Nguyen: Tantalized by the neutrons

In a new realm of materials, NSE doctoral student hunts for exotic properties probed by neutrons that could power real-world applications

Wickert, Mandal, Montoya, MIT

Undergraduates ramp up research during pandemic diaspora

Far from MIT, NSE students Charlotte Wickert, Mriganka Mandal, and Natalie Montoya, take ownership of projects and explore new terrain

Alahmadi, Nguyen, Garcia, MIT

No pause for pandemic

NSE UROPs Aljazzy Alahmadi, Andrea Garcia, and Quynh T. Nguyen are sustaining the NSE research mission from around the world

Lauryn Kortman, MIT

Juggling fusion magnets and LED batons

Rising MIT sophomore, Lauryn Kortman, finds satisfaction designing for the laboratory and the playing field.

Sreya Vangara, MIT

At home with fusion research

Hundreds of miles from campus, Sreya Vangara recalibrates her approach to laboratory research and other MIT commitments.

Norman Cao, MIT

Addressing challenges in controlling plasma and plasma turbulence

In his PhD thesis, Norman Cao questions assumptions about plasma turbulence; he questions what’s next.

Erica Salazar, MIT

The quest for practical fusion energy sources

Graduate student Erica Salazar tackles a magnetic engineering challenge

Pablo Ducru, MIT

Pablo Ducru: Scientist/entrepreneur

After delivering novel computational methods for nuclear problems, doctoral candidate plunges into startup life

Areg Danagoulian, MIT

3 Questions: Areg Danagoulian on a new arms control tool and the future of nuclear security

Danagoulian and his research team developed a system that could greatly improve the process for verifying compliance of nuclear warheads.

Ciara Sivels, MIT

From culinary arts to nuclear engineering

Alumna, Ciara Sivels ’13, takes unusual path to a research career in nuclear engineering for national security

NSE Comm Lab, MIT

More effective and persuasive communicators

NSE Comm Lab and Communications Fellows support learning key transferable communication skills

Analyce Hernandez, MIT

Uncloaking big mysteries

Junior double major seeks to piece together puzzles of the universe, particle by particle

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