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Bridging the classroom and the real world

Undergraduates showcase a novel and consequential application of nuclear science and engineering.

MITEI conference, MIT

“Energy at scale”, engagement as levers of decarbonization

MITEI’s 2019 Annual Research Conference emphasized the dire urgency of the climate crisis; the importance of an intersectoral and collaborative approach to decarbonization; and the role of economics and policy in combatting global temperature rise.

MIT Climate Symposium, MIT

Getting the carbon out of the electricity sector

MIT symposium looks at the role of advances in storage, solar, nuclear, EVs and more in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Areg Danagouian, MIT

NSE’s Areg Danagoulian wins 2019 Radiation Science and Technology Award

Danagoulian was recognized by the ANS Isotopes and Radiation Division "for technology-critical contribution exploiting nuclear resonance phenomena for warhead verification in nuclear disarmament and nuclear detection techniques in cargo security"

atomic sheets schematic, MIT

A new way to corrosion-proof thin atomic sheets

Ultrathin coating could protect 2D materials from corrosion, enabling their use in optics and electronics

Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez, MIT

2019 Del Favero Thesis Prize

The 2019 Del Favero Thesis Prize has been awarded to Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez, PhD ’19.


Bell rings for round two of nuclear energy class

Encouraged by healthy first-year enrollment, NSE offers revamped version of EdX MOOC.

Areg Danagoulian, MIT

How to dismantle a nuclear bomb

MIT team successfully tests a new method for verification of weapons reduction.

Anne White, MIT

Anne White named American Physical Society Fellow

NSE’s White is one of four from MIT named in 2019. The APS fellowship recognizes peers who have contributed to advances in physics through original research, innovative applications, teaching, and leadership.

Bob Mumgaard, MIT

For green energy, MIT aims to build ‘a star on Earth’

NSE alum Bob Mumgaard discusses Commonwealth Fusion Systems’ path to making reliable fusion energy a reality, which would promise nearly unlimited, carbon-free power.

Jacopo Buongiorno, MIT

Big plans for small nuclear plants

NSE’s Jacopo Buongiorno discusses how and why “nuclear can be a big, big part of the solution” to climate change.”


Students spearhead group to enhance the graduate experience

NSE’s Lucio Milanese one School of Engineering advisory group proposing a new leadership curriculum and stronger student-advisor relationships.

Power Forward

NSE’s Buongiorno explains that “nuclear can and should play a big role in decarbonizing the power sector,” summing up the main point of “The Future of Nuclear Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World.”

Ju Li, MIT

Ju Li: a proven mentor and friend

Office of Graduate Education Committed to Caring honors Professors Ju Lifor mentoring excellence.

Kohse, Buongiorno, Snead, MIT

New team to lead MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

Gordon Kohse, Jacopo Buongiorno, and Lance Snead will co-lead the laboratory; David Moncton will step down after 15 years of service.

Ben Forget, MIT

Benoit Forget named Associate Head of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Professor Anne White, the head of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) announced today the appointment of Professor Benoit Forget as Associate Department Head, effective immediately.

Brandon Sorbom, CFS

Brandon Sorbom: One of MIT Tech Review’s 2019 35InnovatorsUnder35

His high-temperature superconductors could make fusion power plants much cheaper to build

Anne White, MIT

Anne White named head of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Fusion energy and turbulence modeling expert will succeed Dennis Whyte



Thirty-seven NSE students graduate this year on June 7

atom manipulation, MIT

Manipulating atoms one at a time with an electron beam

New method, developed by NSE’s Ju Li, Cong Su, and collaborators, could be useful for building quantum sensors and computers.


VIDEO: Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT


Nuclear Science and Engineering spreads its wings

New undergraduate degree provides expansive vision of nuclear studies and nuclear careers

NSE awards graphic, MIT

2019 NSE + ANS Annual Awards

The Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering and the student chapter of the American Nuclear Society hosted their anual awards dinner on May 13, 2019.

Ben Forget, MIT

Assessing MIT’s computing infrastructure needs

Ben Forget co-chairs the Working Group on College Infrastructure which is exploring needs across all parts of the Institute in planning for the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing.

Microscale boiling mechanisms, MIT

Breakthrough in boiling

High-fidelity simulations by MIT nuclear researchers point the way to optimizing heat transfer in current and next-generation reactors.

boiling graphic

Getting to the bottom of the ’boiling crisis”

New understanding of heat transfer in boiling water could lead to efficiency improvements in power plants.

John Tramm, MIT

Jon Tramm delivers 2018 Del Favero Prize Lecture

Tramm, the 2018 Del Favero Thesis Prize winner, presented his work in a lecture titled “Supercomputers, Physics, and Randomness: Rethinking Neutron Transport From the Ground Up” on April 2, 2019

Hybrid Cathodes, MIT

New approach could boost energy capacity of lithium batteries

“Hybrid” cathodes described by NSE professor Ju Li, postdoc Weijiang Xue, and 13 others, could provide more power for a given weight and volume.

2019 NSE Expo, MIT

2019 NSE Graduate Research Expo

The MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering’s Graduate Student Expo showcases groundbreaking research from NSE’s various labs and provides an opportunity for prospective students to learn about being conducted within NSE by faculty and graduate students.

magnetic sensor system, MIT

Quantum sensing method measures minuscule magnetic fields

MIT researchers find a new way to make nanoscale measurements of fields in more than one dimension.

Vinod Khosla, MIT

Entrepreneur Vinod Khosla: “Focus on the consequences of success”

In 2019 David Rose Lecture, Sun Microsystems co-founder urges bold plans to address global challenges.

direct 2D pattern, MIT

Technique to streamline fabrication of 2-D circuits

Growing material directly onto substrates and recycling chip patterns should enable faster, simpler manufacturing.

Vinod Khosla

2019 David J. Rose Lecture

A conversation with Vinod Khosla on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Energy Development

strain on crystalline materials, MIT

Using artificial intelligence to engineer materials’ properties

New system of “strain engineering” can change a material’s optical, electrical, and thermal properties.

Nuno Loureiro, MIT

Bose grants for 2018 fund research at the frontier of discovery

Nuno Loureiro is one five receiving the prestigious award. The supported innovative projects challenge established norms and have the potential to be world-changing.

Dennis Whyte, MIT

PODCAST: Game-changing fusion

Dennis Whyte spoke with Frank O'Sullivan of the MIT Energy Initiative about the history and future of fusion.

Neudrop, MIT

Pitching transformative design

Undergraduates put their ideas on the line in competition showcasing novel and consequential applications of nuclear science and engineering

Dennis Whyte, MIT

MIT Fusion Landscape

In series of talks, experts describe major effort to address climate change through carbon-free power.

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