6.002 Circuits and Electronics - Spring 2004

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6.002 Circuits and Electronics
Prereq: 8.02 or 8.022; 18.03 or 18.06
Units: 4-2-9
Lecture: TR11 (10-250)
Lab: TBA (38-500)
Recitation: Note: These are not accurate. See below for correct info. WF10 (36-153) or WF11 (36-153) or WF12 (26-204) or WF11 (26-204) or WF1 (36-156) or WF2 (36-156) or WF9 (26-204) or WF10 (26-204) or WF12 (26-302) or WF1 (26-302) +final
Fundamentals of the lumped circuit abstraction. Resistive elements and networks; independent and dependent sources; switches and MOS devices; digital abstraction; amplifiers; and energy storage elements. Dynamics of first- and second-order networks; design in the time and frequency domains; analog and digital circuits and applications. Design exercises. Alternate week laboratory. Enrollment may be limited. 4 Engineering Design Points.

Notices - Updated 5/17/04

General Info


Prof. J. H. Lang, Room 10-176, Extension 3-4687, lang@mit.edu

Course Secretary:

Kiyomi Boyd, Room 10-171, Extension 3-2592, kboyd@mit.edu


Prof. K. K. Berggren, Room 36-219, Extension 4-0272, berggren@mit.edu
Prof. J. G. Kassakian, Room 10-172, Extension 3-3448, jgk@mit.edu
Prof. G. L. Wilson, Room 4-205, Extension 3-4630, glwilson@mit.edu


Maya Barley, mbarley@mit.edu
William Del Hagen, willd@mit.edu
Scott Rhodes, serhodes@mit.edu
Kenneth Taylor (Head TA), taylork@mit.edu
Bernard Yen, bernardy@mit.edu


Lecture, Tuesday 2/3/2004 Information -- Administrative overview of the course, including contact information for staff, grading policies, and course expectations.
Outline and Reading List -- Reading list and topics for each lecture and recitation.
Cashier Slip for Notes -- Fill out this form and take it with payment to the cashier's office (10-180). Take your receipt to the instrument room (38-501) to receive your 6.002 course notes.
Cashier Slip for Lab Kit -- Fill out this form and take it with payment to the cashier's office (10-180). Take your receipt to the instrument room (38-501) to receive your 6.002 lab kit.
Recitation, Wednesday 2/4/2004 Scheduling -- Preference form for scheduling tutorials
Problem Set #1
Lab Hours -- Schedule for regular lab hours as well as holidays.
Lab Information -- Describes how to keep your lab notebook, and the expectations for the 6.002 labs. Includes hints for solving frequently-seen problems during labs.
Electrical Safety -- Very important handout on laboratory safety. Read this, sign the last page, and turn it in at the instrument desk (38-501). This is required before you work in the lab.
Lab #0 -- Intro to the lab, to be done during tutorial the second week of class.
Recitation, Wednesday 2/11/2004 Problem Set #2
Tutorial, Tuesday 2/17/2004 PS1 Solutions
Recitation, Wednesday 2/18/2004 Problem Set #3
Recitation, Friday 2/20/2004 PS2 Solutions
Lecture, Tuesday 2/24/2004 Problem Set #4
Lab #1
Recitation, Friday 2/27/2004 Quiz #1
Quiz #1 Solutions
Recitation, Wednesday 3/3/2004 Problem Set #5
Tutorial, Monday 3/8/2004 PS3 Solutions
PS4 Solutions
Recitation, Wednesday 3/10/2004 Problem Set #6
Lab #2
Recitation, Wednesday 3/17/2004 Problem Set #7
Posted on Web, Wednesday 3/24/2004 PS5 Solutions
PS6 Solutions
Recitation, Wednesday 3/31/2004 Problem Set #8
Tutorial, Monday 4/5/2004 PS7 Solutions
Recitation, Wednestay 4/7/2004 Problem Set #9
Lab #3
Recitation, Wednesday 4/14/2004 PS8 Solutions
Problem Set #10
Recitation, Wednesday 4/21/2004 PS9 Solutions
Problem Set #11
Lab #4
Posted on web 4/25/2004 Quiz2 Solutions
Tutorial, Monday 4/26/2004 PS10 Solutions
Tutorial, Monday 5/10/2004 PS11 Solutions
Posted on Web, Monday 5/17/2004 Quiz 2 (without solutions)
Quiz 3
Quiz 3 Solutions

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