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2005 LSA Institute Linguistic Society of America








Schedules Materials

The 2005 LSA Institute offers a series of six-week courses; two series of three-week courses (June 27 – July 15 and July 18 – August 5) and three courses with non-standard days and times.

Courses with Non-Standard Days and Times

Problems and Prospects of the Minimalist Program| LSA.242: Noam Chomsky
Speech Processing and Language Acquisition: Focus on the First Year of Life | LSA.143: Jacques Mehler
Statistical Learning and Human Language Acquisition | LSA.125: Elissa Newport

Six Week Courses

Comparative Syntax | LSA.300: Richard Kayne
Field Methods | LSA.301: Mary Laughren, David Nash, Jane Simpson
Introduction to Anatolian | LSA.302: H. Craig Melchert
Introduction to Computational Linguistics | LSA.303: Regina Barzilay, Dan Jurafsky
Introduction to Historical Linguistics | LSA.304: Mark Hale
Introduction to Laboratory Phonology | LSA.305: Mary E. Beckman, Jennifer Hay
Introduction to Morphology | LSA.306: Jonathan Bobaljik, Glyne L. Piggott
Introduction to Neurolinguistics | LSA.307: Alec Marantz
Introduction to Phonetics | LSA.308: John Kingston, Aditi Lahiri
Introduction to Sociolinguistics | LSA.314: Penelope Eckert, Norma Mendoza-Denton
Introduction to Syntax | LSA.309: Norvin Richards
Introductory Phonology | LSA.310: Sharon Inkelas, Jonathan Barnes
Pragmatics in Linguistic Theory | LSA.311: Kai von Fintel
Semantics: an Introduction | LSA.312: Gennaro Chierchia
Sentence Comprehension | LSA.313: Edward Gibson

Three Week Courses | Session 1

Acoustic Phonetics and Distinctive Features | LSA.141: Kenneth Stevens
Advances in Minimalist Syntax | LSA.100: Cedric Boeckx, Norbert Hornstein
Analogy and Paradigm Uniformity | LSA.101: Andrew Garrett
Case, Agreement and the Nature of Syntactic Categories | LSA.102: David Pesetsky, Esther Torrego
Chinese Historical Syntax | LSA.103: Tsu-Lin Mei, Alain Peyraube
Commonsense Knowledge and Lexical Semantics | LSA.104: Jerry Hobbs
Constructions in Context | LSA.105: Adele Goldberg
Dialectology: Aggregate Dialectal Variation | LSA.107: John Nerbonne
Early (morpho-)syntactic development in first language acquisition
| LSA.126: Nina Hyams
Explaining Phonological Universals | LSA.108: Janet Pierrehumbert, Paul Smolensky
From Gene to Language: Linguistic Diversity and Brain Plasticity | LSA.109: Ovid J. L. Tzeng
Historical Phonology | LSA.110: Paul Kiparsky
HPSG | LSA.111: Ivan A. Sag, Thomas Wasow, Emily M. Bender
Inductive Learning of Rules and Constraints | LSA.112: Adam Albright, Josh Tenenbaum
Introduction to Optimality Theory | LSA.113: John J. McCarthy
Introduction to the Phonetics and Phonology of Sign Languages | LSA.142: Gaurav Mathur, Christian Rathmann
Irish and the Theory of Syntax | LSA.114: James McCloskey
Language Universals and Grammatical Theory: From Generalizations to Explanation | LSA.116: Maria Polinsky
Language Universals from a Computational Perspective | LSA.117: Edward Stabler
Lexical Development | LSA.118: Susan Carey
Phonetics in Phonology | LSA.140: Edward Flemming, Donca Steriade
Problems in Proto-Indo-European Morphology: The Verb | LSA.119: Jay Jasanoff
Research Methodologies in Computational Linguistics
| LSA.138: Michael Collins, Stuart Shieber
Reconstructions of Old Chinese and Proto-Sino-Tibetan | LSA.120: Hwang-cherng Gong
Second Language Acquisition | LSA.122: Suzanne Flynn, Gita Martohardjono
Semantic Prominence and Argument Realization | LSA.123: Beth Levin
Six Problems in Phonology and Their Solution | LSA.124: Morris Halle
Syntactic Categories: Formal and Functionalist Approaches | LSA.127: Mark Baker, William Croft
Syntactic Change
| LSA.139: Anthony Kroch
The Ecology of Language Evolution
| LSA.106: Salikoko S. Mufwene
The Projection of DP Structure | LSA.128: Richard K. Larson
The Semantics and Pragmatics of Focus | LSA.129: David Beaver
The Syntax and Semantic of Aspect | LSA.130: Rajesh Bhatt, Roumyana Pancheva
The Syntax of Agreement | LSA.131: Mark Baker
The Syntax of Edges | LSA.132: Enoch Aboh
The Syntax of Events | LSA.133: Hagit Borer
The Varieties of Reference to Events | LSA.134: Barry Schein
Topics in Austronesian Syntax | LSA.135: Sandra Chung
Topics in Chinese Syntax: the interfaces | LSA.136: Lisa L.-S. Cheng, Yen-hui Audrey Li
Topics in the Semantics of Degree and Amount
| LSA.121: Roger Schwarzschild
Voice and Case in Mayan | LSA.137: Judith Aissen

Three Week Courses | Session 2

Acoustic Phonetics | LSA.200: Keith Johnson
Acquiring Phonological Representations in the Mental Lexicon | LSA.220: Paula Fikkert
Advanced Seminar: Alternatives in Semantics | LSA.201: Angelika Kratzer
Clause Typing: From Syntax to Discourse Semantics | LSA.203: Paul Portner, Raffaella Zanuttini
Comparative Slavic Linguistics | LSA.204: Michael S. Flier
"Creolization" is acquisition | LSA.223: Michel Degraff
Dialectology: Feature-Based Analysis | LSA.205: William A. Kretzschmar, Jr.
Direct Compositionality: Binding and Ellipsis | LSA.228: Irene Heim, Pauline Jacobson
Explaining Syntactic Universals | LSA.206: Martin Haspelmath
Finite-State Methods in Natural Language Processing | LSA.207: Lauri Karttunen
How to Evade Moving Violations | LSA.208: Howard Lasnik
Introduction to the Morphology and Syntax of Sign Languages | LSA.240: Gaurav Mathur, Christian Rathmann
Japanese Syntax | LSA.209: Yuji Takano
Linguistics K through 12 | LSA.210: Maya Honda, Wayne O'Neil
Loanword Phonology | LSA.211: Michael Kenstowicz
Morphology and Lexical Semantics | LSA.212: Rochelle Lieber
Neurosyntax | LSA.213: Yosef Grodzinsky
Optimality Theory | LSA.238: Alan Prince
Pragmatics | LSA.214: Bob Stalnaker
Scalar Implicatures and the Organization of Grammar | LSA.236: Danny Fox
Semantic Development in First Language Acquisition | LSA.226: Stephen Crain
Seminar in Major Recent Topics in the Development of Syntax and Semantics | LSA.215: Kenneth Wexler
Seminar in the Theory of the Acquisition of Inflection and Clause Structure | LSA.216: Luigi Rizzi, Kenneth Wexler
Sentence Production: Making Syntax of Sense | LSA.217: Kathryn Bock
Sound Change in Progress | LSA.218: William Labov
Speech Articulation | LSA.219: Frank H. Guenther, Joseph S. Perkell
Storage and Computation in the Mental Lexicon: An exemplar-based approach | LSA.221: Harald Baayen
Syntactic Analyticity: the Other End of the Parameter | LSA.222: C.-T. James Huang, Mamoru Saito, Andrew Simpson
Syntactic Patterns and Variation in African American English | LSA.224: Lisa Green
The Internal Syntax of DPs | LSA.225: Guglielmo Cinque
The Nature of Lexical Representations | LSA.241: Keith Johnson, Aditi Lahiri
The Syntax of Pre-Modern Japanese | LSA.239: Akira Watanabe, John Whitman
The Theta System | LSA.229: Tanya Reinhart
The Time Course of Language Change: A Corpus-based Perspective | LSA.237: Anthony Kroch
To Move or not to Move: What are the Questions? | LSA.230: Robert Levine, David Pesetsky, Ivan A. Sag
Topics in Indo-European Nominal Morphology | LSA.231: Alan J. Nussbaum
Topics in Prosodic Morphology | LSA.202: Junko Ito, Armin Mester
Topics in the Morpho-syntax of Ditransitives | LSA.232: Shigeru Miyagawa
Topics in the Syntax and Semantics of Salish | LSA.233: Henry Davis, Lisa Matthewson
Tree Adjoining Grammar in Grammatical Theory | LSA.234: Robert Frank
Why NLP Needs Linguistics: a case study | LSA.235: Annie Zaenen